Shoe Size

<p>For those of you girls that are going to WP: When you filled out your Uniform Data Card, did you put the shoe size in men's or women's sizes?</p>

<p>My daughter filled out the card with women's sizes. Also, we found out from AAFES that if you have to order shoes, the women should order 2 sizes smaller as the boots and low quarters are in men's sizes only. Pumps can be ordered in your own size.</p>

<p>As a matter of fact the boots arrived today and fit just fine at 2 sizes below normal. She wore them with socks and sock liners.</p>

<p>The thing is, I did the one online 'cause I forgot to send the actual grey card in. The one online doesn't ask for your sex or anything, and at the top of the page, it says: "MR BERTANZETTI, KATHRYN". Obviously I'm not a Mr. I looked up my Personal Info, and it listed me as female. I just really don't want to screw the sizes up...</p>

<p>My daughter's says "Mr" on the web page as well--I think it's just their software! The low quarters she bought at the local air base came in womens sizes but she did have to buy 2 sizes smaller in mens with the boots. She used "womens" size on the grey card and on the on-line form.</p>

<p>I was getting concerned about my site saying 'MR' as well! Good to know I didn't mess up a card or something somewhere along the way! I also put female shoe sizes. I would imagine though that as long as you have the correct shoes they wouldn't need it.</p>

<p>I filled out the postcard with my uniform sizes, but when I checked my online status, it asked me to fill them out again. Oh, and I'm also apaprently a MR Hastellion, which was news to me!
Odd about the ICB's, though...MY measured shoe sixe is a 7.5, but I managed with 6.5 Men's ICBs and 8.0 women's oxfords.
Do I have to fill out my uniform data online, too? Can't they just read the postcard?</p>

<p>I would fill the online form out as well. Since you get no confirmation of what post cards they receive, better safe than sorry!</p>

<p>Grrr! I can't remember what I put for "inseam" on my postcard! And the shirt size online is in European measures--you know, 34, 36, etc, whereas the postcard was in simpler terms that depraved minds like mind can comprehend (i.e., small, medium, and large...)
...I have to find the tape measure...</p>

<p>Domo! Arigato, Shogun-san!</p>

<p>Do itashima****e, hastellion-chan :)</p>

<p>sorry about the college discussion would appear several (4 to be exact) of the letters in the above phrase have a not-so-polite english equivalent!! :)</p>