Shooting during BCT

<p>Do you get to shoot the M-16 during BCT? I went and completed a range program with my CAP squadron today. We got to go out to the base rifle range and shoot 60 rounds after the safety class. Too cool…even better I qualified.</p>

<p>During 2nd BCT we get to, says the appointment booklet.</p>

<p>yeah you do get to shoot the m-16, once on a range and if you don't suck really bad with it then you also get to shoot it with blanks in a simulated battle exercise</p>

<p>For 2010's Basic, we shot during 2nd beast.</p>

<p>Yup, you get a chance to earn the marksman ribbon.</p>

<p>You will shoot 40 rounds as well as a warmup at the CATM range near Cathedral Rock during 2nd BCT. If you score 35/40 or higher, you earn an extra ribbon. As long as you get better than 15/40, you get to use an M-16 later for Ops. Warrior, which is basically a mock battle situation/training exercise.</p>