Shooting for Princeton, but I'm from New Jersey?

<p>I'm not really stuck on one college, more like fifteen. I am a girl just finishing my sophomore year in high school in New Jersey (getting into Princeton is probably close to impossible...). I'm trying really hard to get into a Top-Tier/Ivy League. I'd like to stay in the northeast or maybe California. I would really appreciate it if someone would take the time and read this and whatever you do don't spare my feelings, I'd like you to be brutally honest.</p>

Year:Finishing sophomore in high school
Focusing on Math Chemistry and Biology
Religion: Pagan</p>

<p><strong>I recently heard that if you're parents did not go to college your chances of getting in are better. I'm not sure how valid or true this is if anyone has any input. Neither of my parents went to college, but my grandfather went to MIT. He did not graduate though, because he got drafted.</strong></p>

-Principal's Honor Roll Every Semester-your grades need to be a 98 or higher weighted (my school uses block scheduling, four classes a day 1h 20min classes half the year and then we switch to the four other classes. total 8 per year)
-PreCalculus as a sophomore with the second highest grade at the moment-98 average unweighted
-All honors classes, focusing in math and the sciences
-I am in the top ten percent of my class
-Unweighted GPA (with 92's considered A minuses)- 3.96
-Unweighted GPA (with 92's considered B's)-3.8
-Junior year I will be taking Honors Calculus, along with other Honors classes, AP Chemistry and AP English. Senior year will be all honors classes plus AP Calculus and AP Physics
-I have a real problem with cheating at school, and unfortunately everyone at my school cheats, so my class rank isn't fabulous, but its decent (top ten percent)
-I do go to a private school, but it isn't a Peddie or Lawrenceville Prep or anything, just your average catholic high school.
-I am almost one hundred percent I am majoring in Mathematics or Electrical Engineering, and I heard thats good to go in for a girl because not as many girls go for that. </p>

-Varsity Letter as Freshman for Tennis
-Undefeated at Third Doubles (big tennis team) freshman year
-Undefeated at Second Singles sophomore year
-Player of the Year Award Sophomore Year
-Tennis Champion four years in a row at the Racquet Club
-Highly Ranked Nationally for Show Jumping (horseback riding)
-Applied for a professional license that will be implemented in this fall
-Won over 10,000 dollars in prize money, trained my own horse</p>

-Manager of a 6,000 sq ft clothing store
-Over 160 hours helping autistic children learn to ride horses
-Law Club
-Math League
-Spanish Club
-Put together many local fashion shows where all the proceeds go to research foundations or other charitable organizations
-Raised over 3,000 dollars in one weekend to fund the Masonic Children's Learning Center for Dyslexic kids. They were going to close down due to insufficient funds
-Currently working to change New Jersey's law to recognize dyslexia as a learning difference so teachers can be taught the orton-gillingham method of learning</p>

<p>Weird Things About Me:
My favorite subjects are Science, Math, and Theology
I summon entities and practice magick
I have a pet dead lizard
I am allergic to the kidding
If you saw me I look like a dumb blonde, sort of like Elle Woods in Legally Blonde</p>

<p>I don't think I forgot anything, but please tell me what you think! I go back and forth thinking I'll have a chance getting into a top school and not thinking they'll even consider me. I am very good family friends with a man that works at the admissions office at Princeton and know a good amount of Ivy Graduates well, but I really don't want to have to rely on them for acceptance. Sometimes I think I think too highly of myself or I'm going way over my head..I am just very confused with the whole matter. Thank you!!</p>

<p>The first thing to realize is that you are a hooked applicant. Your "hook" is that you are a first generation college student to the vast majority of US universities. You're not really first-gen because your grandfather attended, but neither of your parents did, and that's the most widely accepted definition in terms of college admissions.</p>

<p>Because of your hook, you've got a slightly better shot at some schools that may seem out of reach. Your unweighted GPA is excellent. Some of your EC's are unique and interesting (dyslexia in New Jersey law, nationally ranked show-jumping, a few others). You might want to use that to your advantage in a college essay where you discuss one of them that you're passionate about. Also, it's great that you have such good work experience (manager of the retail store). Make sure you list that under paid jobs in the CommonApp.</p>

<p>I really can't chance you for one very important reason: you haven't taken the SAT I or the ACT. Without scores for either of those tests, it's very difficult to predict your admission chances at top-tier universities. Don't expect accurate chances until you've taken either test and have your scores back.</p>

<p>With the information given, you'll probably do well on the SAT. But if you want to go Ivy, especially HYP (Harvard, Yale, Princeton), your SAT composite needs to be a 2200+ with a 700+ in all three sections, especially taking into account that you're white.</p>

<p>I hope this has all been helpful. Best of luck with everything! :)</p>

<p>Thank you so much! My dad took me out to see Princeton today and its just breathtaking.. </p>

<p>I just got an SAT tutor, and on the PSATs I got a perfect score in math and writing, and i think I did fairly well on the reading, but I really don't remember. </p>

<p>Thank you again!!</p>

<p>Just like I guessed haha. If you can get an 800 math, 800 writing, and 700+ CR again on your SAT I like you did on your PSAT, you've got a great shot at all Ivies. That includes Princeton. So get excited! :) haha</p>

<p>Remember though, it most certainly won't be easy getting admitted. You'll need great essays that showcase your passion and intellect. You'll need stellar teacher recommendations. And with a little luck, I think there might be a Princeton acceptance letter in your future.... "might," though. Remember, a big "might." You never know with Ivies - they're unpredictable.</p>

<p>That's why you need to pick a few good safety schools that you'd still enjoy attending if your dream school(s) turn you down.</p>

<p>Good luck again!</p>

<p>Number</a> of Students in the Class of 2013 by Geographic Region</p>

<p>NJ is Princeton's biggest feeder state. However, almost all of those students come from the state's top private and public schools.</p>

<p>You are awesome!!!! I am so happy I am getting information on all of this lol :)</p>

<p>I was talking to my guidance counselor (who is awful, btw. god bless him but he doesn't really guide...) and he said to pick a couple safety's, match's, and then reach's. What schools do you think I should be applying to as Safety's and Match's? and then Reach's?</p>

<p>Thank you Jersey13, I never knew that! =] </p>

<p>where did you find that by chance? on the Princeton website?</p>

<p>In my opinion, there isn't enough information to accurately gauge which schools should be deemed reaches/matches/safeties. Once you have an SAT/ACT score, a few SAT II scores and some AP exams taken, you'll have a much better idea. Since you live in NJ, Rutgers is generally the preferred safety for many in-state applicants.</p>

Thank you Jersey13, I never knew that! =]</p>

<p>where did you find that by chance? on the Princeton website?


That and other statistics regarding admissions can be found on the Princeton website.</p>

<p>Tell the school you cheat, you'll get in for sure. Just kidding.</p>

<p>Your stats are really good, just focus on getting a 2100-2200+ SAT. Plus, you should take a few more AP. My opinion.</p>

<p>How many more AP's should I take? I have this set up for the next two years :)</p>

<p>Junior Year:
Calculus Honors
Religion (mandatory)
US 1 Honors
Spanish 3 Honors
English 3 AP
English 4 AP
Chemistry AP
Chemistry AP</p>

<p>Senior Year
Calculus AP 1
Calculus AP 2
Science and Religion AP
Physics AP
Physics AP 2
US 2 Honors
Enviornmental AP or Biology AP
Enviornmental AP 2 or Biology AP 2</p>

<p>and then this winter I am taking a couple art classes at a college in philly..</p>

<p>Are you in a block schedule? </p>

<p>Also, is English 4 AP supposed to be AP Lit? Because you usually take AP Lit your Senior year (also think about doing English all 4 years, it is recommended by all colleges, but that means they want all 4 years). </p>

<p>Take AP Biology.</p>

<p>Take AP US History.</p>

<p>Yeah I have a block schedule, English 4 AP is AP Lit, sorry for not clarifying :/ </p>

<p>its four years of english.
I can't fit AP History into my schedule.. and I find it terribly that bad?</p>

<p>You're in amazing shape if you get a 2250+ on your SAT.</p>

<p>^Agreed. 2250+ on the SATs, but with your PSATs you're looking like you'll do even better than that. Fingers crossed for you and keep us posted.</p>

<p>Start posting in the Princeton thread if you want some Princetonian advice and hand-holding.</p>

<p>As for safeties? For math and engineering? I don't know if any of these can be called "safeties" but where else are you applying?</p>

<p>Swarthmore and Haverford are excellent schools.<br>
Williams and Amherst too.
Vassar is beautiful.
Cal Tech?<br>
Rice is very Princetonian (called the Princeton of the South)</p>

<p>Other people here will have better suggestions than I.</p>

<p>I have block schedule too. Yet, my school has only an AP course for one semester also. I think it is stupid. Anyway, I guess it won't hurt since you're taking it your Junior year.. I'm not sure, though. Just try to get a good SAT/ACT score. I think ACT is easier but it all depends on the individual.</p>