Shooting for the Stars

<p>Ok, so I know my 2.7 GPA could be a bit higher.</p>

<p>And I also know that a 920 SAT score is slightly lacking.</p>

<p>But, I think my extracurricular activites, as well as my superb essays will give me what I need to be that which I have always dreamed of: A Harvard Man.</p>


<p>Are you serious?</p>

<p>....harvard basically has a 1400SAT cutoff for non minorities/legacies/athletes.. and even at 1400 you need some amazing EC's and valedictorian type rank... 1600's get rejected, what do u think</p>

<p>Catch-22--he's clearly joking. In an unfunny way, I should add.</p>

<p>haha i laughed</p>

<p>haha .</p>