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<p>Since the transition from the Ships Store to the Navy Exchange we no longer have the ability to shop Official USMMA clothing online. I can go to several websites to purchase Coast Guard, West Point, Navy and Air Force apparel online. I called the school...they referred me to the Exchange folks. The exchange people were nice and said "if you know the item you want they would be happy to send it out". Thats fine (if you know the exact item you want.) But we could have a Midshipman we know do that. When we had the ships store you could view in stock items, point and click. It know there is a non official KP site that offers there unoffical stuff. Is there anyone who reads this forum that has any sway at the academy to correct this inconvenience? We all have Mids and family and friends nationwide who I am sure would purchase USMMA T-shirts, sweats, hats and the like but are at this time unable to. This is just another (small) reason we are "the least acknowledged academy". A USMMA hat or T-shirt is a way to show pride in our academy, plus it is a way to get the Kings Point name more visability out in public.</p>

<p>GO KINGS POINT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! .....Who?................ The United States Merchant Marine Academy....The what???? (We've all dealt with that question)</p>

<p>There is a site that I think is run by a USMMA grad. He had more things when he first started, but fewer now. Maybe if people started buying from him, he would have more choices. It is also a forum like this for just USMMA people. It is </p>

<p>If you told him what you were wanting, maybe he would stock it.</p>

<p>When Son decided on USMMA last summer I ran out and had 4 hats made with
Kings Point
In bright gold lettering. Looks great, is origional and Plebe says he can always spot it.
Only cost about $15 at local mall with a Kiosk merchant. That's one way to get what you want.
Son is on way to Charlotte after having early flight cancelled. Should be home soon.
Merry Christmas</p>


<p>Man, you hit the nail on the head - and that is exactly why a few friends and I created USMMAonline, the KP Forum and the KPStore. I'm at sea a lot so the sites are updated in spurts when I'm ashore.</p>

<p>We just totally revamped the KPStore with lots of new stuff and an improved format to help folks find what they are looking for - based on customer feedback. Check it out... [KPStore[/url</a>] </p>

<p>Don't see what you're looking for? Let me know what you want - drop me a line at <a href=""></a> - AND, 10% of the profits go back to USMMA!!!</p>

<p>Always looking for recommendations...</p>

<p>Very Respectfully,
[url=<a href=""&gt;]Welcome&lt;/a> to USMMA Online, the one stop shop for all things related to the UNITED STATES MERCHANT MARINE ACADMEY](<a href=""&gt;;/p>

<p>concerning the New KP Store; Who does your art work? Captain Morgan Rum Co.?</p>

<p>I have a bottle of Captain Morgan Rum in my hand...the illustration on the bottle label where the Pirate has the cocked up leg on the rum barrel looks almost identical to your pirate down to the buckles on his boots.</p>

<p>Surely you could of gotten more original then that.</p>


<p>Oh how short lived our collective memory is.... Since USMMA's birth in 1943 the School's mascot has been "The Ancient Mariner" - and since the '60s this character bore a remarkable resemblance to the Capt Morgan character - several law suits followed but KP was unsuccessful in gaining rights to the rum character - stolen from USMMA... Okay that is a stretch...</p>

<p>But from at least the '60s, through the '90s the schools mascot WAS the Ancient Mariner. This character looked a lot like the rum salesman and he made many appearances at official events - athletic events, homecoming, etc... then sometime in the mid '90's the Athletic Department though that the character presented the "wrong" image - also they had a hard time copyrighting a character already in use - so they hosted a competition within the Regiment to come up with a new character. The Regiment refused to participate. Rumor has it a local elementary school selected the "Seagull" - I mean really - a Seagull? How lame is that?</p>

<p>So, the character on the website - is "the Ancient Mariner" and any resemblance to the rum guy is purly coincidental.</p>

<p>And now you know...</p>

Welcome</a> to USMMA Online, the one stop shop for all things related to the UNITED STATES MERCHANT MARINE ACADMEY</p>

<p>"So, the character on the website - is "the Ancient Mariner" and any resemblance to the rum guy is purly coincidental."</p>

<p>OOO...K and the Playboy bunny trademark is a run off of the Bugs Bunny series. It's your story and sounds like your sticking to it. Good Luck!</p>

<p>Yes - "The Ancient Mariner" - The Academy used to have a costume and everything that looked exactly like this character and I can assure you - the resemblance was not lost on the Midshipmen... this is a college after all... And, he (the character) used to do the” one leg up” pose too - no accident, and no story to stick to... that was the way it was for many years. Used to see the Midshipman in the costume with his leg up on a dead bear for all the Coast Guard Games… Until the Athletic Department found out that they could not license the trademark with the NCAA - hence the birth of the lame sea gull.</p>

<p>Coast Guard has a Bear,
Navy has a Ram,
Air Force has a Falcon,
Army has an Ass, and KP...
We have a Sea Gull</p>

<p>I'd rather have the Ancient Mariner – Even the Ass is better than a Sea Gull – An Ass can kick – what can the Sea Gull do? Poop on you?</p>

<p>Your online store has some great gift items that I'll be purchasing over the next few months. My son actually thought that the Ancient Mariner was cool, so whatever. When my son tells people that he's probably going to choose USMMA, they say, "What, you're joining the Marines?" Perhaps some items from your store will make it clearer. Thanks for letting us know about your site!</p>

<p>I was in attendance during the infamous days of the transition to the "seagull" or whatever it is supposed to be. I also remember the mariner that we used to have. I wonder if that costume is still around campus somewhere. As to the seagull, I remember them asking the regiment for input and our response was definately not in favor of the current mascot. If I remember correctly there were even a few signs hanging from buildings when it was introduced. What a fearsome mascot we now have...</p>

<p>You guys are too funny. I cannot tell you how many times I've been corrected by admin when I refer to the mascot as a "seagull." I was told it is a Sea Eagle....??? What???? Anyway it still looks like a seagull to me -- and don't forget that seagulls are scavengers and are good at eating dead bears :D</p>

<p>anyone want to enlighten us as to exactly what sea eagle we are talking about?
Sea</a> eagle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia</p>

<p>If you go on the athletic website: USMMA</a> Mariners - College Athletic Department a picture of the "sea eagle" will flash across the top banner as one of the pictures that changes.</p>

<p>How hard would it be to bring back the Ancient Mariner? No one is attached to the seagull (sea eagle) - When I think of all the college mascots - a sea eagle and the cartoon that represents it is about the lamest ever. I say - bring back the Ancient Mariner!!!</p>

<p>Now there you go dissing the sea eagle which is not a seagul. There are various types of sea eagles on each continent. You happen to be making disparaging remarks about our national bird - that's right the North American sea eagle is the Bald Eagle. Now I agree that the costume and charicature that USMMA has adopted could be vastly improved, but eagles as mascots can be very cool.</p>

<p>Let's just figure out a way to get the Ships Store at Kings Point, run by the Navy Exchange to sell there wares online so any of us from around the country can purchase the stuff without having to travel to Kings Point to do so. It's 2009 USMMA, get with the rest of society or atleast with the rest of the academies & participate with the world on the web with e-commerce. (It's just plain STUPID. We could buy USMMA Ships Store items last year but the Academy choses to regress as usual. Progress is what this academy should be striving for. Apparel sales are a huge portion of bookstore sales at colleges nationwide. But this school of ours does not have there sports jerseys or tee shirts in area sporting stores and can't even make the items available via the world wide web. PATHETIC. I've contacted the school yet they seem baffled by the idea.</p>

<p>Agree with the fact that the apparel should be online. I think part of the problem is that it is the Navy Exchange that owns the store and the Exchange is online, but only for military (or those with proper ID). You could always go to some of the parent's sites and buy stuff. The Parent's clubs do offer their wares online. :) Hopefully the exchange will figure out a way to offer items online.</p>

<p>Sea Eagle.......yes it can be a very cool mascot, but, personally I vote for the Ancient Mariner which I think is way cooler!</p>

<p>I tried to access the navy exchange online catalog but you do indeed have to be within the military system in order to get access. I phone them also and the rep confirmed that.</p>

<p>The Naval Academy has its own "Official" Online store where friends & family can purchase academy souvenirs: [url=<a href=""&gt;][/url&lt;/a&gt;] </p>

<p>Why doesn't the USMMA have something like this available; are we trying to stay "The Best Kept Secret".</p>

<p>What happens when you attend KP and have a little too much Captain Morgan? Do you get demerits? How many are you allowed?</p>

<p>KPFootballDad's reply as stated below is what I am referring to.</p>

<p>The Naval Academy has its own "Official" Online store where friends & family can purchase academy souvenirs: </p>

<h2>Why doesn't the USMMA have something like this available; are we trying to stay "The Best Kept Secret".</h2>

<p>Maybe we are not Americas best kept secret. Maybe we are just Americas most poorly marketed Academy.</p>

<p>They just need to set up a section with web access to clothing, hats, shirts, mugs, glass ware etc. The school needs to get with the exchange on base and figure this out. Look, the items I believe people would be ordering are not shaving cream, razors, beer, cigarettes (I realize KP's store probably doesn't sell the beer & cigarettes). (It's just that when I was in the service those two were the items people would always say, how lucky I was to pay the Navy Exchange price as opposed to the civilian price.) I also know that kids and parents who are thinking about, or have recently been accepted to the Academy would love to purchase items like, example: Hoodies, Tee Shirts with the school name or school name with sport they will play etc. Just to say "Hey this is where I'm going or this is where my kid goes." </p>

<p>While some parents associations have some nice items...we deserve at minimum to have the selection we had last year. Of the HUNDREDS of schools nationwide INCLUDING 4 of the 5 ACADEMIES, all can purchase "OFFICIAL" school "pride" items online.</p>

<p>Look I have several shirts, sweats, and window stickers (purchased while visiting the school on a Trip), but I also know of relatives and friends who like them and I'm sure I'm not alone in this.</p>