Shopping for Messenger Bags

<p>Looking for a messenger bag for DS. He's used his high school backpack for almost 8 years. It's seen better days and he has decided he might like the messenger bag styling. It's on his Christmas list, so I have some time to find the perfect bag. He'll be taking it to grad school soon. Any must-have features or favorite brands?</p>

<p>It depends on your budget but Fossil has a nice looking collection of men's messenger bags:</p>

<p>FOSSIL</a> Men's Messenger Bags: Leather & Canvas Messengers</p>

<p>We like the bags from Brooklyn Industries:
Brooklyn</a> Industries ? Designer Clothing and Bags since 1998 ? Graphic T-Shirts, Dresses, Outerwear
They have some nice messenger bags--I don't have one of those, but I have a soft briefcase from there that I like a lot.</p>

<p>One thing that may be good to consider is if he may wish to use it for travel. If that MAY be true, get one that can easily hook over a wheeled carry-on. It's a great feature and helps free up hands for other things (like carrying posters for presentations), as well as presenting a very neat and professional experience. Also, try to buy one big enough to hold whatever electronics he may wish to carry about while not being too big and cumbersome. Some light padding may be good for fragile electronics.</p>

<p>Both of my sons absolutely hate messenger bags that have the flap over the main zipper.
In their opinion, the flap is a pain in the neck. They ended up throwing them away and buying the kind without the flap.</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a>
^My grad school son has been using this bag. He likes it. It's not a messenger bag, but he likes the convenience of the main zipper without a flap over it.</p>

<p>Agree that the flap is VERY irritating. H & I each have a bag that has one that has a flap only covering one outer pocket that we finds OK. Having a flap that goes over everything did not work for anyone in our house either.</p>

<p>Shop</a> for a Messenger Bag, Backpack, Tote Bag, iPad Sleeve, Kindle Sleeve, Laptop Bag, Pannier Bag, Camera Bag, Diaper Bag, Customize a Bag, Timbuktu or Create a Custom Bag Made In the Mission District, San Francisco - Timbuk2 Bags</p>

<p>The quality of these bags are crazy outstanding and you can even design your own.</p>

<p>S1 just switched to the Thule 19L Crossover Sling and loves it. (got it on Zappos) They also make a 12L crossover messenger bag. Their products are very high quality.</p>

<p>Thule-Luggage</a>, Bags & Cases</p>

<p>Seattleites seem to favor messenger bags by Timbuk2:</p>

<p>Timbuk2</a> Bags</p>

<p>Made in the good old San Francisco - they've got to be rain resistant! :)</p>

<p>Thanks for all the suggestions--lots to consider with this purchase. Probably going with the Timbuk2 Commute 2.0, priced at $110, free shipping. Not familiar with the brand, really. Is there any chance I might find it on sale? </p>

<p>Commute</a> 2.0 Messenger - Timbuk2 Bags</p>

<p>The Tumbuk2 bags are excellent and last well. But if you want a real cyclist's bag, you want the Banjo Brothers bags. Banjo</a> Brothers :: Messenger Bags, Backpacks, and Bike Bags</p>

<p>LLBean also carries messenger</a> bags in a variety of prices & colors. I bought one for S1 several years ago. It has held up well despite daily use over the years. I believe LLBean is currently offering free shipping as well.</p>

Made in the good old San Francisco


Only the custom made timbuk2 bags are made in America. The rest are made in china and Philippines.</p>

<p>Tom Binh bags are made in the US (in downtown Seattle)</p>

<p>TOM</a> BIHN Bags - Laptop Bags, Laptop Backpacks, Laptop Cases</p>

<p>This is a great place for bags, etc. </p>

<p>[url=<a href=""&gt;][/url&lt;/a&gt;]&lt;/p>