Short Answer...any suggestions?

<p>short essay question for stanford. however, it just doesn't seem very....good, but i can't think of how to change it. can anyone point me in the right direction? thanks so much! :]</p>

<p>Sharing intellectual interests is an important aspect of university life. Describe an experience or idea that you find intellectually exciting, and explain why.</p>

<p>Homework: read The Glass Menagerie and be ready for discussion. I'm a big fan of literature, but required readings are generally ? well, dull. Luckily, the play was short, and the fact that it was a play meant it flowed with conversation uninterrupted by stray speculation of the significance of each paragraph. So I read the play, but what did I have to say about it? It was mildly interesting, I felt bad for Laura, and Amanda was annoying. But what else? Looking up information about the play, I came across Tennessee Williams' biography. As I read it, I had an eerie feeling of deja vu. Haven't I read this somewhere before? Then it hit me: the play was based on his life! He had a menial job in a shoe factory for three years, a sister who was mentally ill, and a father who left the family when he was young. The characters in the play suddenly sprung to life as I realized that they represented real human beings, and the message behind the plot was no longer hidden and obscure; I sincerely sympathized with the characters and appreciated Williams' message on a personal level. From then on, I never settled for the bare requirements of an assignment. I investigated physics application in roller coasters, the impact Roosevelt's childhood had on his presidency, and I never picked up another book without first examining the author's life. This experience fused my curiosity with my thirst for knowledge, enabling me to take more away from my studies than simply the printed words.</p>

<p>Delete this part :
"I investigated physics’ application in roller coasters, the impact Roosevelt’s childhood had on his presidency, and I never picked up another book without first examining the author’s life. "
It doesn't flow with the essay and only brags. Focus on the literary one more. It is what you think is interesting and NOT how it has impacted you.</p>

<p>its very good for the most part...everything after "Williams’ message on a personal level" seems kind of forced....however, unlike leely, i think that you should somehow mention how this experience has impacted you. Therefore, if you can find a more interesting way of saying this (try just changing the word order), it would be good. If you can't, i dont think it really matters. I like the examples of T.R.'s life, and the last sentence. Good job.</p>