Short Answer on the Common App

<p>Hey! So I'm putting the finishing touches on my common app & I just filled in the short answer space for ec's/activities. I just want some feedback if it's sufficient or not, so comments/critiques are welcome! </p>

<p>Throughout high school, being a member of the swim team has shaped me as an individual significantly. Although I was timid and unsure upon joining the team during my freshman year, the strenuous practices pushed me to my limit and opened my eyes to a different side of myself. I learned the value of hard work and confidence under all circumstances, for those values can result in victory. I have also learned the importance of team work. Being a part of a team has made me feel as I were part of something greater than myself, in which my performance affected the whole team. As the current team captain, I must deal with the responsibilies that come with being a leader. I aim to instill within my teammates the determination and drive to do their best, while doing the same for myself.</p>