Short Answer... what to put?

<p>Should i be trying to impress whoever reads this section or should i just better explain an extracurricular activity that seems vague? thanks</p>

<p>I am on the exact same thing you are on…and i have the same question as you. </p>

<p>A bump for you my friend!</p>

<p>The activity you explain should be:

  1. one of your primary extracurriculars
  2. something that you are good at/passionate about
  3. something that seems vauge, and
  4. something that you can write 150 words about</p>

<p>I wrote about this new service club that was founded at my school. It’s actually a chapter of a newly created service organization, so I explained that in my essay. I was a founding member of the club and am currently a club leader, so that was a reason to choose that activity. Also, the club was very successful and received many awards from the overall organization because our chapter was so good.</p>

<p>^what should we explain? the club’s activities? how’re your involved? How you contribute to the club? Stuff like that? or should we be more rhetorical and use elegant speech with the essay?</p>

<p>Probably what it is, what you do, why you do it, what you learn from it, all that great stuff. But make it sound like an artfully written essay, not a dry list of facts about the activity. They want to learn about YOU through this essay, so talk about why YOU are important to the club and why the club is important to YOU.</p>