short answer

<p>how long is yours? mine is 400 words which is like as long as the ec essay should be so I am thinking maybe I should flesh it out a tiny bit and use it as my essay and write something shorter and more straightforward for the short answer. I didnt mean to have it that long its just I typed on acrobat and thats how much space they give you. Or is that an ok length? If I use it the way it is I feel like my essay for the supplement might be repetitive unless I took a different approach. Are you supposed to wirte about the same thing necessarily? Also, for the common ap essay is it safer to check topic of your own choice in case they interpret the question a little differently? If you do that are you supossed to write your topic in that space?</p>

<p>could someone please answer??</p>

<p>You can write something different in the Yale supplement.
400 is too long.
It's ok to check topic of your choice.</p>

<p>400 words in the short answer? TOO LONG. I cant even write mine. hmph</p>

<p>Definately too long. Yale's website says that it can be successfully answered in 2 to 3 sentences.</p>

<p>hey newt, how long was yours?</p>

<p>Mine is 113 words, 5 sentences. I basically decided to stay within the limit that suggests: 150 words.</p>

<p>I wrote two sentences</p>

<p>thanks a lot guys thats what i figured its just i typed it on adobe acrobat and thats how much space they give you...i was a little wtf though so i figured id ask</p>

<p>Well, Barb, if it makes you feel any better, I typed mine straight into Adobe also and ended up at 327 words. It was on a different topic than the expanded essay, so I didn't even think twice about it. I figured it was well-written and didn't look cramped or anything, so I sent it in that way. Now, however, all you guys are making me nervous about my decision!</p>