Short but sweet

<p>How are my chances at Berzerkely?
SAT (UC one sitting): 800V 650M 710 W (2160 total).
ACT: 32
GPA: uw3.83, UCweighted 4.05 Class rank top 20% ultra competitive hs
Going to take 7 APs by end of high school, taken 3 already (History, Spanish Lang, CalcAB) and scored 4's.</p>

<p>tons of extracurriculars focusing around major (polysci), and passion (journalism), with a little theatre thrown in there. Solid essays.
how am i looking?</p>


<p>looking good to me</p>

<p>From the fact that you took ACTs, I'm guessing you're from out of state, which is a whole other ballgame. In-state I'd say you've got an extremely good chance, oos I'd say its anybody's guess. And not to be snoopy, but I happened to see that you asked about your chances on the UCLA boards, but you're stats were different:</p>

<p>SAT: 2090 (700v 690m 700w)
ACT: 31
GPA: 3.7uw, 4.04w</p>

<p>Which of the stats are correct, cause it will definitely make a difference?</p>

<p>everything looks good except for your UC gpa. the average admitted gpa was like 4.2. you have a 50/50 chance</p>

<p>To Gentlemanandscholar, i retook both...i think if you look on the previous posts i mention I'm retaking. but yea, i did a bit better on both. Also, two of my grades was reported incorrectly on my transcript (so my unweighted GPA rose to the 3.8) but i think i may have calculated the weighted one incorrectly because that should rise too...but lets deal with what we have. And yea, i am in-state, so i guess that should help too...any other opinions? thanks guys.</p>

<p>you have like a 50% chance</p>

<p>If you got 700+ on your SAT 2's then you have a higher chance</p>

<p>first (and last) bump. thanks guys.</p>

<p>Yeah, I would say that since you are in-state, you have a very good chance. You have good SAT and a very good ACT, what were your SAT II's and scores?? That will make a difference! Your UC GPA is a little lower than average, but if you have great ec's like you say you do, you should have a good shot!</p>