Short Grammar question.

<p>I have a quick grammar question. Which of the following is grammatically correct:</p>

<p>A.) Russia is the largest country in the world.
B.) Russia is the largest country of the world.</p>

<p>(A) is more common; but since we sometimes say "world's largest country," I suppose that (B) is acceptable as well.</p>

<p>The first one is correct. The second one is incorrect.</p>

<p>I agree with silverturtle, actually, but the first one sounds a lot better. I don't know why.</p>

<p>Ok thanks for the help guys. Another question is, do you think has good writing questions? Because I find their writing questions really hard...I'm getting 9/15 correct.</p>

<p>^ I had never used it before, but I just tried the first question in their first test and they had an extra comma that was not underlined, so I am already turned off. :)</p>

<p>Thanks silverturtle. How would you rate their difficulty compared to regular SAT writing questions? BTW, average score for those are 4/15, which makes it seem like they are very difficult.</p>