Shortened MCAT® exams, extended AMCAS® deadlines

"… What about the MCAT exam?

Even in ordinary times, the MCAT exam — the rigorous multiple-choice test that helps schools evaluate applicants’ problem-solving skills, scientific knowledge, and more — often tops lists of concerns about admissions.

In an attempt to protect examinees and halt the spread of the novel coronavirus, MCAT exams were suspended from March 27 through May 21. To compensate, the AAMC has announced three new testing dates — June 28, September 27, and September 28. Registration for the new test dates will open on May 7. There will be a total of 21 dates between now and the end of September.

To further accommodate more test-takers, all 2020 sessions will offer three sittings per day: an early morning, an afternoon, and an evening option. To pull that off, the exam will be trimmed for the remainder of the calendar year from 7½ hours to 5 hours and 45 minutes. The cuts will come from parts of the exam that don’t impact scores, such as some questions that are being given a test run and an end-of-day survey. The plan is to return to the regular format in January." …