Shortlist of Deferrals?

<p>I'm just wondering if there is a shortlist of deferrals for the RD round?
Like just a pile of apps the committee was especially interested in for the EA round, but didn't quite have the confidence or space to admit EA, so they set them aside for the RD?
Does anyone know if such a thing would exist?</p>

<p>I wish, but I have no idea</p>

<p>I doubt that there's a short list, but I'm pretty sure that your app has received a numeric score that will carry into the RD round. See my post on how Ivy admissions work at: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Each applicant's file is rated in four areas. See: Keys</a> to the Kingdom - Boston Magazine</p>

<p>"...admissions officers start by assessing each applicant in four areas (academics, extracurriculars, personal qualities, and athletics) on a scale of one (best) to six (worst). Those who pass this initial threshold move forward to a second and sometimes third reader for further appraisal; the rest form the first batch of rejects, their folders marked with dismissive notes such as "below the edge" or "case falls flat." Small teams of admissions officers, each responsible for one of the 25 or so geographic regions into which Harvard divides its applicants, then scrutinize the survivors for as long as five days. Between 5,000 and 7,000 applicants proceed to the last and most contentious stage, the full committee meeting, in which all 35 admissions officers debate and vote on who will make the final cut."</p>

<p>^Interesting but the article was written 6 years ago during the term of the previous Harvard president. I wonder how much still holds true under President Faust.</p>

<p>William Fitzsimmons is still the Admissions Director, so I would think most of the procedures cited in the article are applicable to candidates today.</p>