Shot @ Georgia Tech & NorthWestern & Vanderbilt

<p>Hey guys im a senior who is 16 years old and i am going to graduate in 2005
living in texas
Here are my stats </p>

<p>rank: 50/480
gpa: 4.87/5.0 or 3.9/4.0
SAT scores: </p>

<p>1st try- 760 in math 590 in verbal
2nd try- 720 in math 660 in verbal
(my target score is 1400, should i take it again so it just looks better?)</p>

<p>Ap classes taken- </p>

<p>AP World History-3
AP Computer Science A-3
AP US History-4
AP Psychology-3
AP Calculus AB-3
AP Computer Science BC-2 :( (java switch and bat teacher---->retaking)
AP European History-2
AP English Composition-2</p>

<p>EC- officer of clubs, Prez of chess club </p>

<p>Volunteer at the library and the hospital for two years with over 200 community service hours......</p>

<p>3 strong recommendations, working on essays right probably gonna retake a few Ap examinations and im taking Macro economics, English Literature and perhaps microeconomics. </p>

<p>Plz tell me if you have any suggestion for future courses of action.</p>

<p>post please ^_^</p>

<p>Assuming that you will be 16, not 17 once you receive your graduate, I think you have a good shot.</p>

<p>yah ill turn 17 in may</p>

<p>then you will be considered the same as everyone else</p>

<p>Northwestern - reach
GA Tech - Okay
Vanderbilt - Okay</p>

<p>by reach you mean on par ?</p>

<p>no, it means it will be more difficult. A 1500 SAT score would put you in a great position, however your AP scores a bit low :(</p>

<p>bummer -_-, what if i am planning to retake em and kick it?</p>

<p>that would definately help</p>

<p>How can you have that gpa and not be in the top 10 percent of your class?</p>

<p>some school's gpa's are too easy to get, others are more difficult. That is why colleges look at SAT/ACT's alot.</p>

<p>our school is ridiculously competitive we are a national blue ribbon school</p>

<p>Not to discourage you, but to them It wouldn't seem so, because your SAT score is something that a person would get in top 15% of their class on average while at your school you're in top 10%. Top schools have an average of 1400 SAT's and the top schools are mostly IB's :(</p>

<p>oh man no northwestern for me then huh? :(</p>

<p>apply ED, and you have a good chance</p>

<p>when does it end?</p>

<p>or the dead line.........but wait i dont wand ED because i need scholarship money........</p>

<p>btw anthony which college are you in? and like why are you helping us newbies out? not that it isnt appreciated</p>

<p>the ED at northwestern has to be postmarked by tommorrow, lol so that is probably out of the picture. Usually you will end up paying $20,000 a year after scholorships there.</p>

<p>I got to stanford. There, they have a pretty diverse core cir. AKA they make you take alot of classes in things unrelated to your major (mine is Comp Sci). One of my classes I'm writting paper on the anxiety level of students who are preparing to go to college as compared to those that wait till last minute and think about college. Then if those 2 people have the same stats, which one is more likely to be accepted or will it be the same. (the lazy one and well prepared one) and junk like that, lol.
Anyways I was doing research and somehow ended up at this site, and it seems like a great tool, but I am hopelessly addicted now :(. I'd compare it to crack cocaine, lol.</p>

<p>y do i feel like ur ginuea pig?</p>

<p>ur not, lol. I can't use any of this for research anyways :(. Just an addictive hobby now, :)</p>

<p>so do you think i should take an sat again.....itll be my 4th time though...?</p>