Should a Change in Major = Thoughts About Transferring?

<p>Hello all, so I'm signed on to attend Uni of Wisconsin this fall as a genetics major (pre-med) because I like the dynamic there (lots of research, a good med school affiliate etc.) but then I got to thinking that being a physician is a ton of work and what-with Obamacare and the current economy, it's going to be a lot less appealing salary-wise over the next few years. I would prefer not to get into a ton of debt, especially if it turns out to be something I don't like.</p>

<p>So, I got to thinking that I like other things like chemical or mechanical engineering, or even comp sci. I'm not particularly interested in Lib Arts, but as far as science goes I can be pretty eclectic. </p>

<p>Question is, though, would a Purdue, UIUC, GT, Michigan etc. degree in one of these fields teach me more and look better than a similar degree from Wisky? If so, should I consider transferring based on my changing interests? Or does all undergrad from higher-tier state flagships get you to the same place? </p>

<p>Basically, is the added prestige (?) worth transferring over?</p>


Basically, is the added prestige (?) worth transferring over?


<p>No. /thread</p>

<p>Like you said, the economy is going down. Better save your money and graduate debt free from (what I'm assuming is) an in-state school.</p>

<p>An interesting story for you: William</a> & Mary - Physics-math major Cukierman wins Jefferson Prize</p>

<p>Here's the caveat: W&M isn't a math/physics powerhouse in the slightest. A motivated student can do well anywhere.</p>

<p>Wisconsin is a very good engineering school. For chemical, it is better than any of the others you listed.</p>