Should a girl ever pursue a guy?

<p>Do you think a woman/girl should pursue a guy, or do you think that doing so makes her look cheap and desperate?</p>

<p>If a woman is interested in a man, how should she let him know?</p>

<p>I always thought this was such a stupid question... I mean, really?</p>

<p>Just go after him. Don't rely on these relationship cliches that a guy must pursue a girl, otherwise you could miss your chance forever.</p>

<p>Why should there be a difference in who pursues whom?</p>

<p>Absolutely agree with spydimag and vossron. Don't pay attention to "rules", follow your instincts, pay attention to signals, be in the moment.</p>

<p>Cheap and desperate? **** sterotypes. If women ever want equality this **** needs to be gone. If a girl likes a guy, I say go for it.</p>

<p>There has to be certain class to the affair. While the old staid gender rules need to go, IMO a woman chasing after a guy can make her look, and i hate using this language but its appropriate, "slutty".</p>

<p>If its a hot girl, then its ok (but hot girls don't need to anyways). If she is isn't all that, then it will probably look desperate, because that would explain it all.</p>

<p>The same for boys that are not hot; they look just as desperate when they pursue a girl. ;)</p>

<p>Of course she shouldn't chase after him. She can show her interest by asking him out. It doesn't have to mean anything more than that, just an evening out. Then pay attention, is he polite? Does he make an effort to be conversational? Maybe you'll find you're not really that interested after all. Then the ball is in his court, he needs to ask you out next. If he doesn't then he's not interested and move on.</p>

<p>By the way, looks only go so far. One of the best dates I've ever had was with someone I wasn't looking forward to going out with.</p>

<p>^^^What about after the date? </p>

<p>That's right, you went your separate ways...</p>

<p>@ puneur -- I must admit your are right. I was young and foolish. Later I did have a relationship with someone who was very handsome. I ended up wishing I had never met him.</p>

<p>I became friends with this guy, and I began to realize I had romantic feelings for him. I wanted him to ask me out, but I wasn't sure how he felt about me. For all I knew, he only viewed me as a friend. So I asked him to a dance that the Latin Association was throwing. He said yes. Now we've been dating for a few months. I mean, I didn't think he was going to ask me out, so I went for it, and it paid off.
My point is, asking a guy out doesn't make you seem desperate. It makes you seem brave and confident, because you're brave enough to put yourself out there to go after what you want. I mean, if you pursue a guy that is clearly not interested, then yeah, you're going to annoy him, but I think tons of guys have no problem with a girl asking them out.</p>