Should a liberal consider UTK? Just how conservative is the campus exactly?

I’m curious how welcoming the student body and the community is to people of different backgrounds and beliefs. (Muslim, LGBT, etc.)

It is a public school of 22k undergrads. There will be conservatives. There will be liberals. The conservatives will not chase the liberals off campus if that is what you mean. However, the conservatives will not let themselves be silenced - there will be right-wing speakers and campus organizations. There will be a healthy mix of both and lots of civil discourse taking place.

As to your question on how welcoming the student body is to Muslims and those who are LGBT, I’m sure you can find one UTK student who does not support same-sex marriage and one who would be deemed ‘Islamophobic’ by liberals. Just as you will be able to find Muslims and people who are LGBT and people who call themselves allies. You will all survive.

As a large public school, there is no one way the student body looks upon any one group of people or any one issue. Instead, it is a community of over 28k students, each of whom has a diverse spectrum of ideas on all different topics. There will be some you agree with and some you don’t. If you learn anything from UTK or college in general, let it be to not be afraid of those who don’t.

Just having taken the tour, it referenced a building with a campus home and resources welcoming to LGTBQ and as well took time to point out the fun events Freison Black Cultural Center. From a tour perspective, having taken many over the course of this year, it was more progressive than some.

For whatever it is worth, I have several family members living in Knoxville and who are graduates of UT as I am. Knoxville is a very progressive city that is quite welcoming to pretty much everyone. UT as a campus has lots of diversity and something to offer everyone. I have never seen or felt that they would be discriminatory of anyone. That said, all groups will have their own beliefs and personalities. You just have to find the right group and organizations that fit your own culture and beliefs as anyone would.