Should a Native Speaker Self-Study for the AP Spanish Language Exam?

Hi, I’m going to be a junior this upcoming school year. I’m a native Spanish speaker and I wanted to take AP Spanish Language but I can’t fit anymore classes on my schedule. Would it be for the best to self-study considering that I haven’t taken the class yet I speak the language?

sure, but why would you want to? It will probably be a waste of time as far as college admissions is concerned.
Admissions officers are NOT going to be “impressed” with a native speaker doing well on a test in their own mother language.
Particularly if they did not take the AP class.
But if you are doing it to get college credit, or get out of having to take a "foreign language "in college, give it a try.

I agree with the above, but I have something to add. One thing I’ve noticed in my Spanish classes is that the native speakers are very good at speaking, but not necessarily writing. They don’t have all the grammar and mechanics (especially accents) because they never had to write essays and things in Spanish. This is just an observation. I might be way off for you, but I thought it might be useful anyways.