should a retake this 2200?

<p>im goin for the top schools, hyps..etc..., and my first sat was </p>

Total 2170</p>

<p>2nd time</p>

Total 2200</p>

<p>= superscore 2210</p>

<p>is it worth the retake, to try and get that CR up? or should I let go of the SAT?</p>

<p>Yes, you should retake. From the admissions office point of view, they might give you a pat on the back for that 760 for Writing, but they won't consider it highly. What they will look at is the 770 Math and 670 CR. That is a 1440, which is good, but I would definitely retake to get at least a 700 in Math. You want probably a 730 to put it up to a 1500/1600. 1400 is the minimum, but top colleges want you to realize that it should be around a 1500 so that they won't look down upon you.</p>

<p>i have the same problem, i took the SAT for the first time in march and got a 2210, because i screwed up BADLY on the writing.</p>

<p>M: 800
CR: 740
Writing: 670 <-- I KNOW RIGHT?! what the heckkkkk</p>

<p>should i retake it?</p>

<p>I got almost the same score as you.
680 CR
790 Writing
770 Math</p>

<p>Overall, 2240. Superscored, 2250.
I give up with SATs.
I know that even if I studied my butt off and spent money on a private tutor or w/e I still won't get an outstanding critical reading score ; at least, not one that will be worth all the effort I spend.</p>

<p>I have other things to worry about, like AP testing, extracurriculars, etc.
I'm not re-taking my 2240 lol.</p>

<p>Don't even think about retaking a 1540 because that's what colleges will see(to the guy with 670 on writing). Colleges will notice writing if it's either really good or really bad. If you retake the SAT, you might get a lower score on Math and CR, and colleges can see all your scores from each test. That's a good writing score, you showed that you didn't slack off on it.</p>

<p>okay, thanks rahoulVA!</p>

<p>and for the record, i'm not a guy. hahahaa</p>

<p>Should I retake?</p>

<p>1480/1600 [CR 740 M 740]</p>

<p>2260/2400 [780 W]</p>

<p>I'm worried cause though my writing kicks butt, my CR/M is a bit weak.</p>

<p>what the freak? since when is a 740 "weak"? I doubt that getting 30-40 pts more will really make a difference.</p>

<p>... since when is a 1480 considered "weak"</p>