Should a STEM-focused UK student take SAT English Lit subject test? Advice appreciated

Hi. My D22 will apply for a STEM program in the UK next year and, as a result, is currently studying A Levels in math, further math, physics and chemistry. She is also interested in applying to selective US universities and is worried that she might come across as too STEM-focused.

Accordingly, she is considering taking the SAT English Lit subject test to round out her academic profile. Currently, she is registered to take subject tests in Math II, Physics and Chemistry at the end of the academic year.

Questions: Would it be helpful for my D22 to round out her academic profile by taking the English Lit subject test? Or would her SAT ERBW score (800) be sufficient?

If rounding out her academic profile via the English Lit subject test is helpful, should she swap one of her current subject tests (Chemistry or Physics) for English Lit, or add English Lit and take it in a separate exam sitting (4 subject tests in total looks to me to be a bit excessive)? FYI - if she studies in the US, she will either focus solely on a STEM subject or double major (STEM and non-STEM).

Thanks in advance for your help.

Most US schools no longer require subject tests. Have your D focus on the rest of her application, especially the essays.

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She doesn’t need to, even in a normal (non-pandemic) year.

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Thanks, @momofsenior1 and @1NJParent. It seems that the policies at many schools have changed recently - I remember checking the websites of a number of universities a year or so ago and getting the impression that subject tests were recommended, if not required.

D might be done with standardized tests!

If she wants to, she can take Physics, Chemistry, and either a foreign language or English. Her taking Maths/Further maths should indicate she’s past SAT Math 2. Alternatively, she could go for “test alternative” colleges that allow for 1 Humanities, 1 Math, and 1 choice of tests instead of the SAT.
Overall, though, it’s likely she has strong GCSE’s across the board (did she take History, Foreign Language, English, and one more non STEM GCSE?) and it’d likely be sufficient.
In my opinion, provided she’s got a variety of GCSE’s at A*/A/B she wouldn’t need to test, but wait till guidance for Fall 2021 is published (likely around March 2021) wrt testing.

OOps forgot the “new” 9-1 scale but if she got 7’s and higher she’s fine, with 8-9 ideal.
Since she’s got a 1600 SAT and 12 GCSE’s including top marks in both STEM and non STEM subjects, there’s no need for her to take SAT Subject tests. Colleges will know how to “read” that record.

That’s good news! D will be relieved to hear. Thanks again.