Should an EE major skip chem 20A with AP Chem?

<p>I am an incoming EE-major in HSSEAS. I emailed the Chem department and they said that I could skip out of Chem 20A with a 4 or a 5 on the AP Chem test, which I am fairly certain that I got. I am ABLE to, but SHOULD I? Pros and Cons? I feel bad about saying this, but I'd almost rather not take Physics 1A this fall as the only lecture section i 9am MTWF :(</p>

<p>Personally, as a rule of thumb, if you can skip a class do it. </p>

Ahead 1 quarter
Less stress</p>

You won't know "Survey of chemical processes, quantum chemistry, atomic and molecular structure and bonding, molecular spectroscopy" as well. </p>

<p>You really don't need 20A at all to do well in 20B. (Unless of course, you don't know how to balance an equation or something, but you could never pass that AP exam, even on a fluke if that were the case.)</p>

<p>It's really up to you whether you think that stuff is important. (I honestly hated that part of chemistry.) I know a couple of EE majors who hate chem to death, so I'm just gonna assume it's not too essential to the major. (But I guess that depends on what your focus/specialization in that major is.)</p>

<p>If I skip it I will move onto Physics 1A, not Chem 20B. Chem 20A is the only chem required for EE. so should i go for the easy A (as well as not the 9am class 4 days a week), or get a quarter ahead and let my AP Chem knowledge cover any chem needed for EE.</p>

<p>That brings up another idea, how is the curriculum in AP chem similar/different with that in 20A?</p>

<p>chem 20a easy A??? wow, good luck with that~ =]</p>

<p>yes skip it.</p>

<p>I got a 4 in AP Chem. 20A has very little to do with AP Chem. (AP Chem's most like 20B).... Unless, your teacher went over the quantum theory, hybridization, and stuff like that. Basically, you won't be at an advantage. If anything, you would be at a disadvantage since you don't know that you don't know.</p>

<p>wow chem 20A is NOT an easy A. take it and see for yourself.</p>

<p>yeah don't make the mistake of assuming 20a is easy.
that's what i did first quarter of my freshman year, and i ended up getting a C+ when i expected an A-... who knows it might depend on the professor</p>

<p>with that said, i would skip 20a in a heartbeat, especially if thats the only chem class you have take. but then again, i don't know how much chem you would need to know for EE, cause i think it's pretty unnecessary for CS.</p>

<p>can anyone who skipped 20A or knows someone who did weigh in on any cons to the situation?</p>