Should college essays have a title?

Just curious. I had heard somewhere that this was recommended.

Also, how strict are most colleges on the word limit? I’ve got 579 words for a 500 word essay, and it’s getting harder to trim it down.

<p>if the 79 words are essential to the essay, leave it!</p>

<p>i'm sure they won't pull out their magic word counter and automatically disqualify you.</p>


<p>I'm sure it's great!</p>

<p>Thanks! And with regard to the title issue, has anyone included a title with his or her essay or is that not standard practice?</p>

<p>I didn't. I don't think you have to.</p>

<p>no title here... but english teacher wanted one :P</p>

<p>Excellent. I'd rather not stress over the best title anyway--I've spent enough time on this blasted thing.</p>

<p>you should have a title on the "topic of your choices" if you are answering a prompt then that should be fine. just write the prompt at the type of your page. but you should have a title if you choose to write on any topic of your choice</p>