Should everyone take the ACT?

<p>Its gonna be kind of tough to fit in the SAT, SAT II and ACT for everyone. It seems like the ACT and SAT test dates are very similar, so it makes it difficult to study for the ACT independently for a long period. There are 4 or 5 test dates for the SAT before applications for colleges will be do. Most colleges say take the SAT or the ACT, so is there a large benefit in taking both or would it be better to focus on just the SAT's? </p>

<p>Also, do you get to see your ACT score before you choose to send it out?</p>

<p>Take both to see which fits better for you and which one you score higher.</p>

<p>You can choose to send your scores to 4 colleges (free, +4 costs extra). Scores are sent the same time they are sent to you. You can opt to send scores after you see them, but it'll cost you.</p>

<p>Yes, take both to see which test you like better. In terms of a more student-friendly test, the ACT would be better for you. Nevertheless, the time management is key.</p>

<p>No, prepare for one test and take it. If you don't reach your target scores, focus on the reasons why you're coming up short. Don't just take another test--they're both standardized. Statistically, most students do not do better on one test. That said, everyone has a friend of a friend who scored better on the ACT. Don't believe the hype.</p>

<p>^^ I took the ACT only because of the "hype" about some people doing better. And I got a 36 my first time, versus my 2230 SAT my first time. So, I think there is some reasoning behind the belief of many that students tend to score better on the ACT, yet I have certainly seen my share of people who have done worse.</p>