Should I accept a normal job or keep working my underpaid internship?

I am a rising junior. I currently have an internship that pays me a very small monthly stipend that’s journalism related.
I applied for a few jobs, and was recently hired by a retail corporation for a full time position for the reminder of my summer (until September). If I accept this job, it’s unlikely that i’ll be able to continue with my other job, but I will earn significantly more every month…

IDK what to do. On one hand I could use the extra money, on the other hand I feel that I will lose some useful professional experience by giving up this internship. Any advice?

ReaRly impossible to answer this. How badly do you need the money? How much will you really earn in the next 6 weeks? If you quite the internship, you will not be able to get a recommendation from them. Can you reduce the hours at the internship and work part time in retail? Is it a good internship or are you a gofer?

Only you can really answer this. Good luck

I can probably earn close to 2K and that money will go into dental expenses/new clothes, with the former being a little more pressing although can be delayed.

I want the money, but I also don’t want to leave a gap in my employment resume. I can’t tell which one I want more…

What employment gap? You are not supposed to be employed in a real ob yet until you graduate. If you need the money go for the money.

You are going to have a lot of holes in your resume over your lifetime and school years. It sounds like you don’t work during the school year, so there is a gap. If you need the money, take the job. If you feel you need the internship on your resume, do that. Whatever is more important to you.

I don’t think a 6 week job is going to matter to an employer in the future, nor would a journalism internship that lasted 4 weeks or 10 weeks.

I feel like the journalism internship is worth keeping. 2K is there for you in the future…
But that said, if you could manage to work out having the internship, plus a part time job, that would be great. It’s only for the rest of the summer, right?, so you can handle being super busy for another month or two?

If you have already committed to the internship for the full summer, it doesn’t sound right to just up and quit it.

But if your teeth are rotting away, dental work could be more important than honoring your internship commitment (but not new clothes).

If your dental work is a necessity, I would encourage you to be honest with the internship bosses. Let them know you want to stick with their job and honor your commitments, but the financial need for dental work has pushed you into this retail job situation. Maybe the internship folks might pay you more to keep you? Or at least not be mad at you for leaving to earn enough $$ to fix your teeth.

Try to leave the internship on good terms if possible. But teeth are important, and I speak from experience that not caring for them in a timely manner will cause further (and more expensive) issues down the road.

You need to read the unpaid internships thread. There are too many kids think it necessary to work for these internships without a deep need for it. In their minds it must be necessary. If you need money, work for a job that pays.

It is not clear from what you have written whether taking the paid job would mean that you must leave the internship. Can you do both? Can you take the paying job, and keep the internship but with fewer hours there?

Teeth are important. If you need a paying job to cover dental expenses, then you’ve got to take it. The folks at the internship have had their own dental issues over the years, and are sure to understand if you have to leave them for better money.

Can you work out a payment plan for the dental work? I would NOT put that off until you are back at school, you don’t want to miss class because of it, it will get worse the longer you wait and most likely even more costly.

If the dentist won’t cooperate, do you have a dental school clinic nearby?

Agreed with the rest that it really depends on how urgently you need the money. I think journalism is one of those fields where getting experience is VERY very helpful, especially because of how saturated the market is with prospective journalists who might not have had any experience other than the school paper. My boyfriend has had two internships at very well-known national magazines and now that he’s applying for post-grad “real” jobs, it’s been suuuuch a leg up. So if it’s a matter of “extra money would be nice,” I’d stick with the internship and the connections you can make there. But if you really seriously need dental care, your health comes first.