Should I accept my AP credit or just take the class?

<p>Im a high school senior and the school im going to suprisingly gives me some credit for my score of 3 on the bio AP exam...if i decide not to retake this class, how will it factor in med school admissions as it is a pre-med requirement? i also have a similar issue with the calc AP</p>

<p>never mind about the majoring in biomed i'll for sure have enough math classes...</p>

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<p>A 3 does not show proficiency to me. I would retake.</p>

<p>yeah, i was thinking the same thing...i feel as though i do know the material and im pretty sure it was just the fact that i had too much going on at the time of the test, but since i only need one year of bio for my major, i think im just going to start at the beginning....the worst that can happen is that i know everything already...which im sure would not hurt my gpa :)</p>