Should I Add a Journalism Minor?

I am a junior transfer Communications major (Radio/TV/Film) at The College of New Jersey. Since I am a transfer, I am catching up on the general education courses that TCNJ requires and did not transfer from my previous school, Rowan University. In addition to that, I am trying to satisfy all the course requirements for my major. This leaves very little room for any elective courses (around two or three). I really love TV and film and although I really like writing, I do not have the same passion for journalism that I do for TV and film. I wanted to add the minor to give me an edge and open up more doors but I’m not entirely sure of what I want to do post graduation and do not know if journalism courses would even be that useful. I know the entertainment field is highly competitive, so I want to be as ready for the field as I can be but does that mean adding the minor or using those courses to take more film classes?