should I add another school?

<p>I'm like 98% sure I'm applying to these schools:
rutgers - new brunswick, umd college park, umn twin cities, nyu, northeastern, wisconsin - madison</p>

<p>since they're all kind of ranked ~35 - ~90 and only one of the publics are in state (MD), should I add a safety?</p>

<p>my SATs are 660/650/620.. class rank 7/45, GPA 3.95, everything kind of slightly above average etc etc etc</p>

<p>my next options would be</p>

<p>parsons (probably the most expensive option, but I like it pretty well)</p>

<p>NYIT (could probably get lots of $$$, but not that interested in major, and kind of like an unspirited crappy commuter school)</p>

<p>DePaul (looove this school and could probably get in I think, but no major my parents really want me to do.. probably only go there if I got lots of $$$ somehow and then went to grad school)</p>

<p>UIUC (similar to my other publics up top)</p>

<p>either Cal Poly Pomona or SLO (great schools for my major but don't know about flying to college)</p>

<p>UMA (I think I would be pretty happy there... everythings pretty good about it except proximity to big cities)</p>

<p>UMA=U Maine at Augusta or did u mean UMass?</p>


<p>Its always a good idea to have a school that you are almost positive that you'll get into. I'm not saying you won't get into the schools you already have, but there is no "sure thing" in college admissions.</p>

<p>University of Arizona is just as good as northeastern, not that hard to get into, in beautiful tucson arizona, and one of the cheapest public institutions in the country.</p>