Should I Add One More Course?

I just realized that a lot of other juniors from more competitive schools are taking 7/8 rigorous classes junior year. I, on the other hand, go to a school where people usually take around 5. I’m only taking 5 classes first semester, 4 second semester…

Honors Chemistry
Honors Spanish 4
AP Gov
AP Lang
Calc 3

then for second semester,

Honors Chemistry
Spanish 4
AP Lang
Diff Eqs w/ Linear Algebra

Should I add another course? I can take AP Psychology. I could also take AP Macro/Micro but then I wouldn’t have as rigorous of a courseload for senior year.

I’ll be shooting my shots at T10s…

Do you not have a PhysEd, Health, arts, etc. course? Our school has 8 periods, plus lunch - do you have 2-3 study halls each day? Or do you have schedule with fewer, longer periods?

At a minimum, I’d suggest something to bring the second semester to the same number of courses as the first - something to replace AP Gov.

Only taking 4 courses would raise attention, I would think. Our school requires a minimum of 6 courses each year - 24 units to graduate.

If your school is on a block schedule, you can’t compare it to a school with traditional 8 periods/day. Your application to colleges will be evaluated in context to what is offered at your school.

@RichInPitt @momofsenior1 We have 7 periods in one day. My math course takes up two periods as it takes me 25 minutes to drive to the uni to take the class.

For some reason, I have an empty slot. I’m trying to get it filled right now. The course selections here are rather limited, so hopefully I can find something—otherwise I’ll take an AP via our state online course provider (how I was able to take APCSA and Calc BC last year since we don’t offer those)

Would you be taking it at college where you pay for it or at the high school. If at the high school I would seriously consider an honors course perhaps in a non core subject or a fun class. You have plenty of high level classes and sometimes it is the non core and non ap classes that can set apart your application.

@momtogirls2 Unfortunately, I am paying $2000 for a semester long course :frowning:

As an Asian male trying to purdue STEM, I feel like I’d be at a disadvantage not taking a math class junior/senior year. Otherwise, I’d only have honors chem as a STEM course this year, as opposed to Physics C Mech, Calc BC, and Com Sci A from last year—with junior year being the most important, I don’t think this decrease in rigor is favorable.

Of course, this is a result of limited options at my school, but given the fact that I’ve already tried my best to take the classes I want, I’d assume the AOs want to see me continue the progression, or maybe they don’t. I don’t know. I’d rather play it safe and set myself apart with unique ECs and my essays.

No you need a yearly math class and I would not trust a high school guidance that says otherwise to be honest. Do you use the NH VLAC for the AP course? If so that might be a bit harder this school year than in the past though hopefully by the time you would need to sign up they have more teachers. Right now high school still has openings but I’m guessing you can’t sign up now for the spring.

@momtogirls2 Yes, that’s what I use. I’ve heard of entire school districts moving onto VLACS for this year.

I was actually able to register for AP Psychology on it yesterday.

Apparently I can also sign up for AP Seminar at my school, but it’s the first time we are offering it, and I feel like such a class would be hindered by online learning since it is heavily collaborative and presentation based.

Is it alright that I’m taking AP Psychology online? We offer it but I don’t think it fits in my schedule. I’ve taken quite a few courses online via VLACS before and with online learning, I think colleges will be quite understanding.

I’m glad you got into a VLAC class. I think AP Psych online is fine since it is a class not self studying. Also colleges will be getting plenty of people using various online programs this year that I doubt much thought will go into why.

My niece’s kids will be doing VLAC elementary school this year (at least to start) but they are probably amongst the last to get in (they were waitlisted and start this week). There home public school went back last week. Now elementary is fully closed with no wait list. I read enrollment went from 6000 to around 20,000 and they just can’t keep up with teachers. Now cities are rushing to come up with different ways to offer remote learning.

I’ve heard that Psych is quite memory based and somewhat trivial, and as someone who has competed at a high level in memory-based contests, I think it should be rather easy for me—I might add AP Environmental Science (online) as well…

I know APES is generally frowned upon as an easy class, but I plan on minoring in either Environmental Science or Earth/Atmospheric Sciences in college, so this may give me some more insight as to whether or not I’m truly passionate about the subject.