Should I add this to my additional information section

This is kind of a touchy subject that my parents don’t want to talk about and I’m not really sure how to approach my guidance counselor with this so I was wondering if I could get any advice online.

My older brother was diagnnosed with depression and mood problems a few years ago. At home he’s often a source of tension and conflict a.k.a. he’s gotten into fights with my parents and even my older sister before. This has only happened once, but it got to the level where we had to call the police and have him taken to the hospital. As you can probably imagine this has caused me a great deal of stress at home, especially because my parents now look to me as the “eldest son” and expect me to be a better role model for my three younger siblings.

My parents have given me the impression that they wouldn’t like me to put it down for whatever reasons they have. On one hand I feel like it would be petty to mention but on the other hand it has been a serious problem that has genuinely impacted my life both socially and academically.

Would love any advice as to whether or not I should mention this in my additional information section.

TLDR; I have an older brother with mood disorders that has caused many problems for me throughout highschool, should I mention this in my application

Without reading a draft of your essay to understand how you explain this, I recommend avoiding mention of this matter.