Should I apply>?? Chance me plz

<p>GPA: 3.8 unweighted
Weighted GPA: 4.0
ACT: 26
AP Tests: AP English language and composition (4)
AP Psychology (4)
AP World History (2) am going to retake
AP Tests to be completed: AP Biology, AP Government, AP US History, AP Literature and composition, AP Environmental Science, AP French Language, AP Human Geography</p>

<p>Snior Year Course Load:
Econ, Physics, Ap Lit, AP Environmental, AP Bio, AP Gov, AP USH, French IV, and TA (All a's and 2 b's so far)</p>

8 hrs per week at a theraputic riding center
2 hrs/wk at a humane society
French tutornig</p>

National Honor Society Member--1.5 yrs
President of French Club--3 yrs
Hosted a french exchange student for 3 weeks
Travelled to France for 10 days, stayed with a family for 5
Sponsor a girl from Africa
Blog on genocide prevention
Senior Founding Member of STAND Club--genocide precention group
Run my own small business where i donate 75% of profit to charity working to prevent genocide
Internship at an elemenary school for 8 summers to present</p>

Most Outstanding French 2 Student (2010) dep. award
Most Outstanding French 3 Student (2011) dep. award</p>

<p>Paid Work:
Kitchen Staff at a Girl Scout Camp
dog sitting</p>

<p>Honestly, 26 is a really low ACT score. Even with a strong GPA, your ACT hurts your chances a lot :(</p>

<p>I know that's the thing that i hate because my test score doesnt at all reflect my acedemic abilities. I just got rejected from Brown (my dream school) and UChicago probably because of that. Ive taken it three times and gotten the same score all 3 times, which tells me that it won't help to take it a 4th time, so I dont think I'm going to. Is there any chance though that I could get in at northwestern?</p>

<p>There's always a chance, but I would recommend really going out on a limb for your essay to make up for the ACT.</p>

<p>Maybe you should take the January SAT in case you are better suited to that test.</p>

<p>Ok Thanks for the suggestions!</p>