Should I apply Early Action?

<p>So, the schools I'm going to apply to are: U of Minnesota, U of Iowa, U of Wisconsin, Chicago Loyola, and Mount Holyoke. All of them except Mount Holyoke have rolling admissions. So, except for Mount Holyoke I could apply to them in the fall after retaking the ACT in september, and then find out if I get accepted quite soon after, but with Mount Holyoke the deadline isn't until January, and I think they say they notify starting in April. Mount Holyoke, while the most prestigious school on my list, isn't my first choice, and honestly I would only go there if I got a stellar financial aid package. Do you think I could apply early action after I receive my fall scores? Or is it not a good idea since I'd have to convince people (the school, my counselor) that it's my first choice? Not a good idea because they wouldn't be able to tell me about my financial aid package? I really don't want to wait around until April when I could find out before winter break, especially since Mount Holyoke is not my first choice. Bad idea? good idea?</p>

<p>I wouldn't apply early action. What if they accepted you but didn't give you financial aid? If you got accepted, you'd be forced to withdraw all other applications. Their early action is binding, so even if you got into your first choice, if you applied early action to Holyoke and got in, you couldn't go to your first choice. I know how tense it is to wait for the decisions to come in, but this is your future. You don't want to get stuck a few years from now with piles of student loans to pay off because you got into Holyoke on early action without financial aid.</p>

<p>Early Action isn't binding. Early Decision is binding. </p>

<p>I see no risk in applying early action.</p>

<p>Ventures</a> Scholars Program | Early Action/Early Decision Policies</p>

<p>This is a link to the Early Action/Early decision policies of Mount Holyoke. Each college is different, and though some colleges do offer early action, Mount Holyoke isn't one of them. It only offers Early Decision.</p>

<p>So what you meant to write Pencils was the OP Can't apply EA and shouldn't apply ED...</p>

<p>Erin's Dad
Yes, that's what I meant. Applying regular would be best, since there is no EA option.</p>

<p>Yes, if Mount Holyoke is not first choice, you shouldn't apply ED. And I'm glad you're doing early rolling applications - they're SOOO nice to have done.</p>