Should I apply Early Decision II to Colgate? How likely will I get accepted?

So I’m an international from Tunisia who needs like 100% financial aid or something very close to that.
My stats are: SAT 1530 (730 ERW, 800 Math), Math II 800, Physics 760.
My grades freshman and sophomore year were average, but I showed an upward trend and was top of my class senior year and got the high school’s highest ever grade on the national exam.
My ECs are not bad I guess. Nothing extraordinary, lots of community service, 13 years of swimming (but no real achievement), 5 years of Kung Fu, member of an IEEE university club and other stuff like that.
My common app essay is pretty great and really personal. Everyone that read it loved it.
I haven’t started writing the Colgate supplements but I have enough time to produce something good. (deadline is feb. 1)
And finally my intended major is Computer Science.
I saw that the acceptance rate for ED for Colgate was more than double that of RD (46% compared to 20%) so I figured I would have a great shot of getting in if I apply ED.
I’m conflicted rn, because I’m afraid it’s not the perfect school for me as a minority and someone who’s not really an extrovert as I’ve heard the Greek life is crazy at Colgate.
So considering my stats, major and financial need, what do you think my chances of getting accepted are? Should I just go RD and risk not getting accepted at ANY US college?
Thanks :slight_smile:

I have read a lot of interesting reviews on Unigo about social life at Colgate that might interest you, you should check them out. Colgate is also fairly small under 3000 students so that 45% greek life may seem quite overwhelming. Interestingly on their website it says multicultural students were Applications: 4,309 Admitted: 867 and international students were Applications: 2,283 Admitted: 193.

You are an international student who needs full financial aid. Here’s a list of 14 schools that offer full fin aid to int’l students, but only Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, and Amherst are need-blind for int’l. They are all extremely competitive, but Amherst has comp sci, and is the least competitive of the 5, while still being very, very competitive.

Unfortunately, it appears as if you have missed the deadlines for U of Richmond and Vassar. If I were you, I’d apply ED2 to Colgate. What do you care what Greek life is going on, if you get accepted to a great US college with your major with full financial aid? You don’t have to get involved with Greek life if you don’t want to. I knew a young black man from New England who went to Utah State (overwhelmingly white, and Mormon), because they offered him a substantial scholarship. His social life was not great, but he also didn’t have to borrow a huge amount of money for college.

I think that you should also try to apply to the less-competitive schools that are committed to meet 100% of the demonstrated financial aid needs of their accepted international students. U of Richmond and Vassar are on that list, and accept 25-30% of applicants. Your credentials put you in the top range for them - who knows, they might take you and give you full financial aid. I’d contact U of Richmond and Vassar and ask them if they would still accept an application submission from you. Schools are making exceptions for Covid.

You appear to be academically qualified for Colgate, but you should consider its 8.5% acceptance rate for international students when estimating your chances of admission.

Well, because of the test optional policy, it has been really crazy lately. Colgate University Announces Three-Year Test Optional Pilot Program for All Applicants | Colgate University. You have really great stats, and I would strongly suggest submitting your test scores because they’re exceptional. You will be at an advantage, so far, to the students who do not submit test scores.

Unfortunately, Colgate is not truly need-blind. Financial Aid - Colgate University - Acalog ACMS™. They mention that they are “need-blind” and will meet 100% of every applicant’s need; however, this link says that they are not truly need-blind, so financial status is considered. This is where you could be at a disadvantage.

There is no difference between EDI and EDII. They are just simply split from the same decision. Unfortunately, it is really impossible to estimate your chances due to the test-optional policy. Do not feel discouraged. I would highly suggest applying ED to Colgate IF and ONLY IF it is your 100% first choice, as you HAVE to go if you are admitted, and you are able to afford it. The only circumstances that you are allowed to back out of an ED plan is when you can prove that you are unable to pay for it or medical reasons.

Make sure you have other schools on your list as well. Good luck!

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Also, here is the release from the school detailing the number of applicants this year.