should i apply early or not??

<p>Okay, so i have been wondering whether or not applying early decision would give me a higher chance at getting accepted to top schools, or whether applying regular would.. Can someone please explain to me the advantages and disadvantages of both scenarios??</p>

<p>ED (Early Decision)</p>

High Admission Rate
You are done w/ apps
You know it is your #1 school and would not mind giving up on trying for other schools</p>

Can't Compare financial aid packages
Only one school (usually)</p>

<p>EA (Early Action)
can (usually) apply to more than 1 school EA (unless restrictive)
Can apply to other schools Reg. even if accepted</p>

Lots of defferences
Not as high % admission</p>

<p>In gen. only apply ED if that scholl is ABSOLUTELY your #1 choice</p>

<p>Depends on the school in question. For most, applying early does give you better chances. Stanford, for example, goes from about 7% regular to 12 % early (if I'm remembering correctly, may even be 13). </p>

<p>Also, you save a lot of time on apps. I only applied to one school (instead of my 18 listed) because I got in early.</p>

<p>I applied ED to my first choice school and got in! It's great to be done with apps so early and have tons of time to plan everything out. I definitely recommend it.</p>

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<p>The higher admit rate of ED is sometimes deceiving as it includes athlete recruit offers. You should check each school to see if indeed, there is any inherent advantage to applying EA/ED before you commit.</p>

<p>But it is nice to get an acceptance early in the cycle...</p>

<p>What are your top schools? They wouldn't include Harvard if you are going to be a vet. Define them for us.
Some schools base Early Decisions and Early Action only on numbers without allowing you to submit essays, letters of recommendation, etc. So you must be careful.</p>