Should I apply ED to Brown? Chances?

My parents can technically afford it and are willing to pay in full (we don’t qualify for need-based aid), but it is still a lot of money and could potentially change their lifestyle at least a little.

I really like Brown, but since I want to study CS, it doesn’t seem like the smartest choice. I am in-state for UW which has a great CS program, if I am able to get in direct admit.

Otherwise, if I forgo ED to Brown, I would mostly be looking for admit in places like MIT, Stanford, Berkeley EECS… But those all seem very unlikely. For reference, I have a 4.0 UW and a 1550 SAT. Took full IB and a bunch of AP classes. No major math/science awards except a state award for a health-sciences competition. Did an applied math internship this summer, and also work as a math tutor. Ran XC. Started a nonprofit for youth athletes, and we are currently holding a gear drive. Probably will write about speedcubing in some of my essays. I started my common app in June and feel pretty good about it now.

Do I have a chance of getting into Brown RD? Or maybe even MIT/Stanford/Berkeley EECS (even if it is just a small chance)? Otherwise, is it smarter to just aim for UW CS direct admit?

This is so specific, kind of scared people are going to identify me haha


Well, you certainly have a chance but I see no reason to go OOS when UW is likely.

I second that advice. For a degree as ridiculously employable as CS, prestige is not required. In fact it could hurt you if you wind up with a lot of debt. UW is a great option. If that doesn’t work out, go to WSU.

thanks guys for the input. What do you think my odds of getting into UW CS direct admit are?

Are you URM or ORM? Your odds of acceptance hinge quite a bit on your race and demographic background.

I’d say if you were URM then your chances are very good at Brown/MIT. But if you are ORM then all bets are off.

I am asian so I know that will decrease my chances. Does all bets are off mean I have absolutely no chance? Or just a slightly lower chance? Thanks again

all bets are off means that it will be tougher to predict, not that you won’t get in. URM, stem, especially CS with those stats would be much easier to predict. WA is not as bad as CA in terms of the demographic, but it’s still going to be tough. Brown is kind of a random choice for CS given you’re in WA. If whatever attracted you to Brown is strong enough that you really want to go there, then you should apply ED, because RD chances are going to be like 1-2%. d

It doesn’t mean that you have zero chance. It just means your chances are a lot lower. You’ll have to be at the absolute top of your class to get into Brown as an ORM without any hooks.

What is your class rank ? Are you in the top 2-3% of your class? If so then I say a ED application at Brown would be a reasonable possibility.

RD round for ORM is brutal. Also consider an ED2 choice.

I see from another thread that the UW that you are referring to is Washington.

If you are in-state for the University of Washington, and if you want to major in computer science, then there is no way that I would want to pay full price for Brown. Brown is a great university. However, for computer science I do not think that it is better than Washington.

I think that I would either do ED to Washington, or not do ED at all.

“UW which has a great CS program”

Yes it does indeed.

“if I am able to get in direct admit”

Yes, that is the question. Being in-state with a 4.0 unweighted GPA should help you a lot, particularly since you have a very rigorous class load. 1550 SAT should also. I understand that UW is very competitive for direct admit to CS, but you are a very strong candidate.