Should I Apply ED to Penn?

<p>Hey guys, I could really use some advice. I am about to finish my junior year of highschool and am freaking out about my college plans. </p>

<p>So a little about myself, I am from a relatively well-off suburb and attend a somewhat competitive highschool. I am the top ranked student in a class of ~600 students, however since i'm not the only student taking the maximum AP load with a 4.0 unweighted, I share this rank anywhere from 10-20 students :( I really hope my EC activities will help me graduate as valedictorian. </p>

<p>I am president of my school's Environment Club/ Green School Committee, will serve as President of National Honor's Society, President of our Gay Straight Alliance. I have been on Varsity Tennis for 4 years and have been on Varsity Cross-Country for 2 years. I will be Co-Captain of both teams as a senior. I do Varsity indoor Track also for Winter just to stay in shape for Tennis. I'm also treasurer for our Student Government, Secretary for FBLA. And I started my own club: Society for International Development (I am President). </p>

<p>I've spent two summers volunteering in developing countries like India & Uganda (for 2 months each). I spent a Spring Break in New Orleans working with post-Katrina afflicted areas. This summer I will be doing research at Johns Hopkins for this highschool fellowship thingy. Through NHS I volunteer in inner-city schools in baltimore, a mobile HIV Clinic in DC & an Environmental Group. I'm also a student representative for our local PFLAG. Both of my sports teams have won state-championship for the past 3 years. </p>

<p>I will have taken pretty much every AP Offered at my school, barring languages and art. AP Government, AP US History, AP World History, AP Macro Econ, AP Micro Econ, AP Calc BC/AB, AP Bio, AP French, AP Chem, AP English Language (I've scored all 5's.)</p>

<p>I will be taking AP Physics, AP English Lit, AP Psychology, AP European History, AP Environmental Science. I want to take AP Comparative Government but it's not 100% whether it will be offered. I'm also hoping to squeeze in AP Art History just to ensure I will be valedictorian. </p>

<p>SAT 1: 2340 Combined </p>

<p>SAT Subject:
Biology: 800
I'll take Math or something at some point. </p>

<p>So here is my predicament: I don't think my EC are anything spectacular. I have a good SAT score and a solid courseload and GPA. Big deal so does every other Indian kid. I'm almost sure I'd get into Johns Hopkins if I applied early to them. (I'm also applying to Berkeley since the app is due so early) But my dream school has always been UPenn. Should I risk it and apply ED to UPenn, or be practical and do Hopkins. I want my college decision process to be done ASAP and I'd hate to get rejected or deferred :( Any advice?</p>

<p>chase your dreams. I had the same dilemma as you do now, and I chose to apply ED to Wharton/Penn, with even less stats than yours (plus, I’m white!). I got in. I mean, a lot relies on other factors, but I’d say you have an excellent shot. I applied to my dream school, sure that I would be rejected. and I was accepted. </p>

<p>just follow your heart kiddo.</p>

<p>Apply ED. Penn is the one Ivy that admits almost half its class ED. Penn does this because it is psychologically crippled – for so long, for so many, it was (along with Brown) the Ivy League “safety school,” that it will grovel to those reasonably qualified who show the love. Anyone who is thinking about Penn knows this. Don’t even think about applying to Penn RD if you are just a normal stellar applicant; the time to stand out in the crowd is in the ED round!</p>

<p>You have an amazing shot at Penn, especially ED. There is literally no reason not to apply ED for you!</p>

<p>thanks lovelyday, I’m gonna listen to my gut and apply early to Penn! I visited over spring break and loved the campus. </p>

<p>radco, thats great! it’s nice when things work out. </p>

<p>I’ll be applying to CAS (my intended major will be Health & Societies), which I hear isn’t as hard as applying to Wharton for undergrad. </p>

I do realize that Penn has an unusually high ED acceptance rate, hopefully this will give me a boost.</p>

<p>It would be so amazing to have my Penn acceptance in before Christmas, and not even worry about applying to like 10 different schools for the RD cycle!</p>

<p>ED Penn has a 18% acceptance rate I think. Apply Early.</p>