Should I apply eventhough

<p>I don't really like private schools b/c they're expensive.Mills is really close to home and I heard private schools give more aid/scholarships but I never knew that until recently.</p>

<p>I mainly don't want to go to an all women's school is because there'd be drama.</p>

<p>As a Mills student, I know exactly how you feel! I was really freaking out about even applying to Mills because of the $$ it required. But it turned out that they give a lot of financial aid..i think the average is somewhere around $35k a year to students!!!! Needless to say, once i got my financial aid packet i was sold on Mills!!</p>

<p>You know, there isn't as much drama as you would assume for an all women's environment. Sure, you might not like EVERYONE on campus, but there is no petty high school drama like in Mean Girls.</p>

<p>Lol Mean Girls,if I avoid girls like that they eventually leave me alone.....well that's still expensive so I guess community college is better b/c neither of my parents will give me $ to apply.I've lived in the bay area all my life anyways so id definately get sick on staying here another 4+ yrs.
I think I can handle 2 more yrs in community college.Thank for replying though,I got my ACT scores yesterday so I'm set for cc.</p>

<p>Are there any non-traditional students out there who would like to give me some insight on what it's like at Mills? I'm almost 32 (will be 32 or 33 by the time I go there IF I'm accepted). My current GPA from the community college I attend is 3.65 which I hope to increase or at the very least stay the same by the time I apply. I'm interested in social sciences and plan on contacting an undergrad transfer advisor soon I just thought it would be fun to hear stories first hand if any of you are out there!</p>

<p>Sorry I don't think I can answer your question because I'm a senior in high school and I've only been to Mills twice in middle school for a science workshop.</p>

<p>I'd say go on a tour or start your own thread on here,but it seems few people from Mills actually go on here so your best bet is to take a tour.I'm sure there will be other students similar to you that went back to get a degree or a higher one.</p>

<p>Good Luck and Merry Christmas!</p>

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