should i apply for transfer now or wait?

<p>Hi, i am really confused about how to transfer from cc to UC. I heard from people saying that i need to finish my IGETC in order to transfer. By the way, i am majoring in computer science in cc,and i want to transfer to UCI or CSUF OR CSULB. I 've been in cc for 1 semester, and i tried to finish all my requirement by falls of 2011, but if i do that i will have to wait half a year to transfer because there are no spring or winter transfer. So, i met one UCI counselor and she suggested that i should take more classes and transfer right now for falls 2011.</p>

<p>My GPA : 3.25
I got 2B and 1 A . 12 units</p>

<p>So, my plan is to finish by falls 2011 which is way impossible.But, i think i can finish almost all of the classes by summer which is eng 103 ,and the classes that i won't be able to finish are
so , my question is should i applied for transfer now or should i wait ? but, if iam waiting i would wasted 1 semester.Also, what is chance to get into those school? If i get an A in my math class for this summer my gpa is going to be 3.4 if not,it is going to be 3.18.
Also,how is the transfer works? can i still take cc classes like for ex: math 250b at cc if i got accepted ?if so, how do they works? thanks</p>

<p>the semester is called fall, not falls. sorry that just really bugged me. are you a second language speaker ?</p>

<p>anywho you need to plain old see a councilor at your CC and have them spell out for you how to build up units and classes for IGETC and TAG so that you can transfer with ease. i feel you are going to be confused/ misled by even factual information on this website.</p>

<p>You should capitalize the first letter of each sentence. Sorry that just really bugged me. Are YOU a second language speaker?</p>

<p>First you mock the OP’s language skills, then you patronize his/her intelligence. What a jerk.</p>

<p>Hi, thanks for the reply @addavidson07.
1st answer to your questions: Yes i am a second language speaker.
2nd:thanks for the falls-> fall correction.
3rd: what do you mean by “councilor”?member of a local government council?? i check it in wiki…what does it has to do with me??
4th: yes i am really confused by the information from lots of websites and people.
5th: yes i did meet UCI counselor that is why i am asking.
6th: i will try to make an appointment with my CC counselor, but it is summer so there are lots of people there(also that is the reason why i am here).
7th:Telling me to go do what i can’t do right now is not helping me at all…Hope you can understand my writing:)…</p>

<p>it wasnt an attack or mock at anyone it was a real question. you can tell he/she is a second language speaker because of the way kourun propagates words and so on. merely clearing it up lol.
the second part of my reply was advice because this site has a bunch of people who give out info say it in very ass-backwards manners which gets confusing to even first language speakers…let alone someone who may have extra trouble with the whole english thing. </p>

<p>btw its a friggin forum im not going to make sure i capitalize everything. jeesh, some people</p>

<p>kourun- i meant counselor, sorry. I really think that the best thing for you to do is to see your CC counselor cuz he/she will straighten it out all on paper which is easier for anyone to understand. no need to rush right now tho, applications come out in oct. so you have some time to see one. </p>

<p>with that being said ill try to answer your q’s.
if you apply in october for fall of 2011 you will not be eligible to TAG, or get a transfer guarantee, to UCI because you will not have enough units (60 minimum by the end of your spring 2011 semester). unless, that is, you can stack that many classes up in these next two semesters… which is difficult but doable depending on whether or not UCI will allow you to count summer courses as your transfer needs.</p>

<p>in order to qualify for a TAG, you must have :
60 units, 3.0 or better, your math and english classes passed before the Spring semester of you transferring year, and completing a set of GE classes (obtain these by getting an IGETC worksheet from your counselor). </p>

<p>if you cant do this by spring 2011, then i would shoot for fall of 2012. you would def be able to get in by that time.</p>

<p>@ajdavidson07…Thanks:)… I know that i am not really good in writing english. Anyway, i did went to my CC counselor today, and what i got back was worst than getting rejected from UC lol . She told me to talk with UCI counselor, and she said it is Impossible for me to finish my IGETC in time. so, i decided to take risk now,i just registered my classes as i have planned. and I am going to try transfer in this fall hoping to get a spot there.Also, yes for the TAG program, i really don’t think i can apply for the TAG. This really clear up my mind a lot…Thanks…</p>