Should I Apply (Harvard and Wharton)?

<p>April is the cruelest month, breeding
Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing
Memory and desire, stirring
Dull roots with dry rain.

<p>These opening lines of Eliot's Wasteland pretty much reflected how I felt April 1st. I was a senior that had applied to 16 schools and had received four waitlists and three rejections. I was disappointed about the schools that I didn't get into, but still very happy about where I did get into. After some pontification, I ended up choosing Dartmouth while riding out my waitlists at Harvard, Wharton, Columbia and Princeton. By the end of June, all four waitlists had declined my admission.</p>

<p>Thus, here I am, a month later, with a question that has been plaguing me. Should I apply as a transfer? Now, Dartmouth is an amazing school and I am happy to be among the few that now call it home. I'm thoroughly excited for my freshman trip in a month and will be glad to meet my new classmates. At Dartmouth, I plan to study economics and hope to one day enter the hallowed halls of major Wall Street corporations. I am full of ambition and will work to one day make it to the highest levels of management.</p>

<p>However, that same ambition keeps on asking, "Could I have done better?" The simple fact of the matter is, maybe. Dartmouth is amazing for placing people into the financial sector. However, it is not quite as good as some other schools. After looking at the cultures of the other schools, it has come to me that Wharton and Harvard might be options worthy of transfer.</p>

<p>You're probably asking, "Why in the world does this cocky freshman want to transfer? He's already in Dartmouth for crying out loud!" The answer to that is threefold. First of all, I'm not particularly a "Dartmouth guy." I'm not a beer swilling teen desperate to rush out to the greatest collection of beer kegs in New England. I'm not incredibly outdoorsy like many of my classmates. In short, I'm not quite sure that I'll fit in at Dartmouth. Second, the prestige of Harvard and Wharton are too great to really pass up. I was waitlisted by both schools, and it nags me that I was THAT close to getting into where I desperately wanted to go. Finally, I would have slightly better career prospects after Wharton or Harvard than I would at Dartmouth. Not much better, mind you. But slightly.</p>

<p>So the ultimate question is... should I apply as a transfer? I know full well that my chances of transferring into either school fall at around 2%, probably lower. But still, I'd appreciate your advice, comments and thoughts. </p>

<p>Thank you.</p>

It at least does not hurt.</p>

<p>normally i'd say no, but you were a competitive candidate for freshman admissions so i'll say yes. make your essays amazing and keep your gpa high, and you'll have a better shot than most.</p>

<p>I would first wait to see how much you like Dartmouth. You have to go into school holding your head up high and trying to enjoy yourself. If later you still don't like it, then go ahead.</p>