Should I apply LSA or Engineering at UMich c/o 2025

I am currently a High School Senior in Michigan. UMich is my dream school but i’m not sure if i should apply LSA or engineering. I’m pretty sure i want to go into computer science or engineering. I know they have computer science in both LSA and CoE. But, I know that engineering is really competitive.
Here are my stats:
GPA: UW-3.923 W-4.103
SAT: Composite- 1410 Math-780 R&W-630
7 AP tests by the time i graduate: APUSH, Physics 1, Calc AB, Stats, Micro, Macro, Physics C Mechanics
InState Legacy

So LSA at Michigan is 3.9 unweighted with 32-35 Act. Engineering is 3.9 with 34 Act. But your instate so that helps.

I would apply LSA since it’s easy to do a cross campus transfer into engineering. Your actually taking all your basic classes together anyway. It’s just one English and one first level class that will be different. Apply EA also.

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Using round numbers, there are about 4,300 +/- seats in LSA and about 1,400 +/- seats in the CoE each year. So, the chances of admission are likely greater applying to LSA. And then later transferring, if desired.

But it’s a REALLY odd year with a lot of students with no SAT/ACT score, especially here in CA. Being in-state with your uwGPA, I might lean towards applying to Engineering.

But OTOH, in the last cycle, UMich offered most, maybe all, of their waitlist positions to OOS applicants, since many in-state applicants decided to stay closer to home. In-state yield was way up.

Also, while UMich will tell you that legacy doesn’t help with admissions (though they’ve said they use it to only calculate their yield??), and the road is littered with rejected legacies in prior years, but I think it helps boost your file a little bit.

Do you know your high school’s record of admissions, specifically to the CoE?

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I’m not sure the exact numbers but I know there are at least 10 students (out of a 200 person class) that were are attending the CoE at Umich (probably 20 students at Umich in general out of last years class.
I also plan on applying EA.
The plan would most likely be to apply LSA but try to transfer in to engineering but Ive heard from some people that its not as easy as it sounds to cross campus transfer.

I believe @Knowsstuff 's son was a transfer to CoE. And my kid, who’s in her 3rd year (LSA), has mentioned that a few of her friends have made the successful transfer to CoE.

Just a 20-student yield of in-state HS students, from a 200 person class, sounds like very little to me. I’d think the UMich would want a stronger yield than that, assuming those are correct figures. In prior years, the average yield to UMich was approximately 46% overall, instate higher of course and OOS lower.

Yes he did and a senior now in Industrial engineering. He was looking seriously at Acturial science in LSA first.

But do this

Nothing is guaranteed. But he knew by Feb 1st of Freshman year he was accepted into engineering.

He ended up taking python and C++ instead of Matlab and this actually was more useful for him. He took a different English course then the engineering kids did but kinda took the similar course as a junior. That is the major difference. Do and finish the sequence above.

FYI - Michigan is not at all easy. He tells me even the easy courses are hard and everyone struggles together… Get ready… Lol

I’m pretty sure most kids who apply to umich from my school get in. Its just that not many kids even apply. I’d be surprised if more than 40 kids in any given class apply there in the first place. Thats why you might think the yield is so low.

Also, another question
Do you guys know how soon I would be able to transfer into engineering from lsa. If i was accepted in the early action round for lsa (early january), how quickly would i be able to apply to transfer into engineering. Basically, would I be able to apply for transfer as soon as i enroll? Or would i have to do my first year/semester in lsa and then transfer?

Talk to your schools counselors and get their stats. Look at naviance but that won’t separate engineering. See what the 1410 looks like in comparison. That should give you your answer.

My son was OOS. He was deferred EA and then rejected from engineering: 4.0 UW, 4.7 W GPA, 34 ACT, 5 APs including BC Calc, Physics C, stats and scores of 5s and 4s. He regretted not applying LSA. He is happy at his college and it’s more convenient to where we live so it all worked out.

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So you have to fulfill the cross campus requirements. You are technically not in engineering until you do. My son finished them all in his freshman year so the start of his second year was technically in engineering. But he applied in his freshman year while still taking his needed classes and got his letter of acceptance on Feb 1st the last day to apply. You can transfer anytime in your second year but have to decide on your major before your third year. Note… MY son took 2 summer classes freshman year at a cc at home to make it all work.

Quick question: why do you want to transfer from LSA to Engineering for CS? It’s the same exact major

-UMich CS CoE Major

It’s not exactly the same major. Here are the similarities and differences:

Also, a CS degree from CoE may be seen as having more prestige.

I dont necessarily know for a fact that cs is the route I want to go down. I know that LSA is more versatile, but more of my interests lie in engineering.

“I dont necessarily know for a fact that cs is the route I want to go down. I know that LSA is more versatile, but more of my interests lie in engineering”.

Care to share? So many students don’t have a grasp of what engineering is and it’s subsets…many engineers never do engineering per se. It can be applied to so many different fields.

I really like building things with technology and my strengths are in math and science.

Ha!! Sounds like engineering to me…Mechanical , robotics, megatronics etc etc

The only differences are the intro and capstone courses. At that point, you should apply based on what you want to do outside of your major. In terms of prestige, I think if you’re studying CS, you’re probably going to leave the state. And outside of Michigan, you’ll just be seen as a Michigan grad. Cornell and Berkeley both have CS programs in their liberal arts and engineering schools, but how many people actually know that other than their respective alums? I can almost guarantee most people just view them as Cornell/Berkeley grads rather Cornell Engineering/Berkeley Engineering grads.

I agree with Knowsstuff. Don’t waste a year in LSA if you might end up switching to something in Engineering other than CS. You might end having to stay an extra semester. Just apply to Engineering!

thats true but i really want to get into UMich but CoE is much more selective than LSA.