Should I apply Single Choice or Early Action?

<p>Hi I am currently a high school senior or will be starting in late August but I need some nformation on if I should apply to Tulane SCEA or just early action. If I applied to Tulane information on if I should apply to Tulane SCEA or just early action. If I applied to Tulane just plain early action (nonrestrictive) I would most likely apply to University of Miami EA as well. Tulane basically is my first choice, while I have never visited the campus I have gone to New Oreleans many times before and after Katrina. Here are some of my stats I live in Texas, and I am an African American female with a 3.5 gpa and while it is low I attended a rigourous private school up until the middle of my junior year when I left attended a rigourous private school up until the middle of my junior year when I left because of lack of significant financial aid. I am in several clubs as a high ranking officer. I also have over 400 community service hours and over 200 school service hours , I plan to have at least 500 by the time 8 apply. ACT score: 30. But I will retake it in september. I am also applying to BU, Rice, Temple, UT austin (Plan II even though I think I have a slim chance I have talked to the director and she thinks I have a good chance. Also I plan to major in poli sci and go on to law school after undergrad. major in poli sci and go on to law school after undergrad Any help at all is welcome, especially from ppl who were in similar situation Report Problem Post ** Reply</p>

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<p>Is the GPA weighted or unweighted? How many AP's so far , and how many are you signed up for? Will you have decent recs even though you changed schools late?</p>

<p>The answer to these questions will impact the answer.</p>

<p>The AP tests I have taken two during my sophomore year(which is something that only a few people each year did) and 3 during my junior year (also at my old school we could only take 6 classes total </p>

<p>AP European History: 4
AP world history: 3 ( I only studied for a week lol because I had studied so much for euro)
AP government: 4
AP ENGLISH: 3 ( I think the 3 might have partially Bern because I was super late to the test and almost missed it but its cool the important part was that I learned a lot during the class</p>

<p>Okay the GPA is weighted but my old school weighted AP courses very little, sorry for the other threads I've just been really worried</p>

<p>I will have great recs I'm in touch with my old school a lot along with old teachers as well as new ones I also can have recs from some of the organizations I've volunteered at if needed</p>

<p>LOL, no problem. Try and relax though, it will be fine, really. I can already tell you your chances are very good just based on the record you have.</p>

<p>OK, so I need you to calculate your UW GPA, or if you cannot do that send me your grades and the credit weight they get in a private message and I can figure it out for you.</p>

<p>Also are you taking more AP's this year?</p>

<p>I have signed up for AP Bio, AP Stats, AP psychology, AP English, AP comparative government and I'm still deciding on AP French or AP physics B I have until next week to make my final decision I can take 8 classes at my new school</p>

<p>I found an old transcript and it says my uw GPA is a 3.4 idk if that's right but that's what it says for my junior year they used my old schools grading scale but this year the public schools scale will be used which highly inflates AP courses</p>

<p>My foreign language (French) which is super hard at my old school had I known that I might not have taken it and my freshman year are what made my GPA so low the two AP tests I took my sophomore year didn't count as part of my GPA because technically sophomores can't take AP classes sonic studied for those outside of class They aren't on my transcript</p>

<p>OK, that is a very rigorous schedule. 3.4 really isn't that low in general, but with that schedule it really isn't. But I know what you mean, for highly competitive schools it might seem low. But I think you will be fine with that.</p>

<p>I usually don't like SCEA, but you seem like the person it was designed for. You know Tulane is the school you want, you have the stats but they are around the 30-35th percentile of Tulane students, and you want to tell them that you really want Tulane. I think you will get in anyway, but SCEA might solidify your chances. You have a very strong schedule of classes, your ACT is right in the midrange for Tulane, and being an AA female will improve your chances I think. Male would have been even better, but I guess there is nothing you can do about that, lol. So either way is good, but SCEA sends a message to Tulane.</p>

<p>Congrats on a fine high school career so far. Maybe you don't totally think so, but believe me you have accomplished a lot. Oh, make sure you go to any local Tulane events for prospective students, get to know the admissions counselor for your area, and visit in September or early October if you at all can.</p>

<p>Thank you so much for all of your help you have really eased my fears lol</p>

<p>Fallenchemist gave you some great advise/feedback overall. I am not sure I would apply SCEA to Tulane. Even if it is your first choice, you may want to keep your options open since you will get accepted to most of your schools that you are applying to, including Tulane if you apply EA. You have a great list of schools and the only reach I see is Rice.</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice jshain I might end up doing that but idk become u of Miami is the only school I'm applying to other than Tulane that offers Early Action</p>

<p>Yeah, you could go either way on SCEA or EA, there is nothing that jumps out to say to definitely do it one way or the other. My reasoning in the end is that I am nearly positive you will get into Miami RD, so you can take advantage of the extra "oomph" SCEA gives you with Tulane. Lots of people apply EA, but far fewer SCEA because not as many are 100% sure Tulane is their first choice, and they really want to take advantage of other EA's. You seem to know Tulane is your first choice, so that is why I was leaning towards saying you should use SCEA. It says "I really want this school!". But I think you will get into Tulane either way.</p>

<p>Thanks again fallenchemist looks like I'll probably be apply scea to Tulane</p>