Should I apply to architecture school?

I have one more semester to graduate community college as web design major. I’m not entirely “content” with this major I mostly chose it because its was close to the arts per say and possibilities of their being better job opportunities however I’m not a big fan of coding.

I’m more into the visual/design side of things and working with my hands and drawing. In the beginning of the course I’ve had to take few graphic design classses on typography and I’m not very aspired by making posters, magazines, brochures etc.
Almost turning 21 and feel time has flew past me and didn’t pay much attention to the calender for registering to transfer schools and deadlines to do so are about 2 weeks away and I’m still undecided which is why I went to CC. I’m from the nyc area and there many great architecture schools majority of which are kind of expensive such as Pratt, Parsons,
Cooper Union. As for Cooper, If I were to apply the half tuition discount would save my parent a ton of money. But thats if Cooper is even a “reachable” school considering how competitive it is.

For CU I would like to have my Sat scores waived but in order to do so I have not taken my college math class yet in request of a waiver. Those scores I took 4 years ago in highschool are horrible! But from my research most say it’s all in the take home test. have around 3.6 GPA and going to have a self portrait published in a magazine soon and was chosen for book cover redesign contest. Does that help? Also, If I were to apply i forgot to ask for letter of recommendation from a professor if that could help my application.

I understand the job market is tough for architects and the risks and how long it takes to become one. I also want to make the right decision and not burden my mother with more debt due to an older sibling who attended private uni. I just don’t want to make a bad decision and waste time and money. I don’t really see myself majoring in graphic design or coding, I just like drawing and hands on work. Time is going by and I need to act now if I want to enter for schools fall 2018. I don’t know what to do any advice appreciated!

@Juvio21 There are a number of architecture schools that might give you a scholarship. Do you have a portfolio and where did you apply?

@Juvio21 , I haven’t seen you answer the last question to your OP and hope you have made a decision. Yes architecture is hard and if you don’t have a passion for it don’t do it. Being an architect used to be a “sexy” job, it still is but only for the charmed few who actually get to design on their own terms. Do your research and due diligence before jumping in. Most CCs have programs for students looking to get into a university program. Ironically my brother was in the same boat as you many years ago. Wasn’t a great student in HS and wasn’t sure on direction so he went to CC for 2 yrs before enrolling in NJIT. While in CC he kept his job working for a residential architect doing manual drawings, CAD around but in the early 90s people still drew. He ended up being one of the youngest licensed architect in the big firms in the city. He eventually went into construction management which is a great field with starting salaries higher than architects nowadays. You may need to take additional classes at your CC to qualify as a transfer to an architecture school. Check with your advisement office.

There are degrees for construction mgmt., but you can also do it with an architecture degree. He’s told me that friends with architecture degrees have also gotten jobs as civil engineers, urban planners and interior designers. So don’t think of the degree as a limiting factor but instead a new opportunity. Good luck with what you decide to do. And continue to post up here with questions and your status.