Should I apply to CSOM or CAS?

Rising senior here. I think my academics are generally good (3.83 UW, 4.4 W), and my ACT is strong for BC (34), plus I have leadership and work experience in some business-related extracurriculars, but I had a relatively weak grade in precalculus this year (82). Should I apply for CSOM, or should I just apply to CAS? I’ve read about and am well-aware of the grim prospects for internal transfers in Carroll, and I think I’d be basically happy majoring in philosophy in CAS, but if at all possible, I’d want to go into Carroll as well and dual major. I’m just wondering if I would screw my application by doing so.

check out the BC website - MCAS students can minor in some business disciplines in Carrol. This may be of interest. Minors - Carroll School of Management - Boston College

You should, however, apply to the school that mosts interests you, not the one that you think may be an easier admit. I know a student with a 31 ACT who was accepted to Carroll and one with a 34 who was rejected from Morrisey. There is no easy admit at BC, no matter what school you apply to. Good luck!!


CSOM is extremely competitive. Depends on how much risk you’re willing to take.