Should I apply to Engineering Colleges?

<p>So I am in my Senior year in high school and am just starting to apply to colleges. I am pretty sure that what I want to become when I am older is an engineer. The thing is that I do not know enough about it to be sure or to know what type of engineering to do. My favorite and best class in school is math. I love it. My question is, should I apply to the engineering schools of universities and enter as an engineer major or should I apply as a math major? and if I do enter as an engineer major, would I be able to switch school within the college if I decide I don't want to do it?</p>

<p>Depends completely on the school. Many schools do not allow you to declare a major because you need a bit more exposure to the choices. Many schools let you pick a college, but not the major, upon entering. </p>

<p>So by your choices you need only be concerned about whether you might want Math in the Arts and Science school, or in the Engineering School. The main difference is in the electives you can choose. In A&S you will fill your electives more broadly, while in Engineering, they will all tend to remain in science and engineering. </p>

<p>Can you switch later? Of course. And since most of the First year classes overlap in these fields, it comes with little to no cost, except for the time filling out the forms. </p>

<p>But all this depends on the school. So read their catalog closely.</p>

<p>In some schools, it is harder (as in needing some minimum GPA) to switch into the engineering division than to switch into the arts and sciences division. However, it is often harder to get admitted as a freshman or transfer into the engineering division in the first place at these schools.</p>

<p>The following is a thread from the parents forum that touches on starting in the e'school vs the college. It's long and goes off topic in places but you may find some things helpful.</p>

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