Should I apply to LGBT scholarships if i'm not out to my parents?

So I’m trying to hunt down some scholarships to pay for college since I’ll be applying this year for the fall 2022 semester, and it’s been very difficult since I’m like, overwhelmingly average. I’m a white, middle-class, female, with very average grades at a really big school with a lot of other much more qualified people. The only like defining factor that makes me somewhat different is the fact that I’m gay, so I qualify for a lot of lgbt+ scholarships, but I’m afraid to apply since I’m not out to my parents and I wouldn’t want to accidentally out myself to them in the case that I won one of these scholarships.
Any advice???

My daughter came out to us in like 10th grade. We already knew. She gave us a nice letter and we read it. We hugged her and told her we loved her and be down for dinner in 10 minutes and had a normal conversation about it. I know it’s not always easier but being gay is sorta in these days… So… Maybe there is an adult that can help you? But I guess one way for them to find out is to win one of those scholarships… Lol… Good Luck.

One thing to consider is that you will be looking at campuses also. Lots of campuses have lgbtq organizations, houses, activities that could make one college experience better over another one. I know it’s a hard personal choice and wish you all the success.

hi <33 please stay safe. are your parents more conservative? if so, I think you shouldn’t risk it. maybe just apply to essay scholarships where you can express your perspective outside of what they can see about you on paper. stay safe and good luck! i’m also applying to college this next admissions cycle :]

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