Should I apply to Soka University of America

I am an international applicant from India. I am applying to US colleges for Fall 2021, and want to major in physics, (also considering to minor in mathematics).
I have a decent application as I guess, with 96-97-78 percentages in classes 9-10-11 respectively and the reason for a dip in class 11 is a genuine one which my counselor has explained in her LOR.
I have a passion for physics and want to be a theoretical physicist in future, and thus would like to attend a college that’d best suite this.
After completing all my apps, I just stumbled upon Soka and at last decided to check it out. My family income is under $30k, and so my family contribution can be only $6k or max-to-max $7k, and I searched and found out that I can afford it if I get admitted.

So, just curious to know if I should apply to it or not, as since I’m getting financial aid and the campus is also good for me.

The thing which matters to me most is the physics department, so please help me make a choice to apply or not. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Soka doesn’t appear to offer a dedicated physics department, and doesn’t offer a conventional distribution of majors compared to most other colleges. Note that 100% of its bachelor’s graduates receive degrees in “Liberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies”:

Soka is very rich. The campus is often used as background of wedding photos, it is so pretty. The visit was even better than pictures. The tuition is relatively inexpensive. They keep climbing in rankings.
And yet, with their very tiny student population, it feels claustrophobic.
More importantly, we have a feeling that they have just started, and are still searching for ways to stands out and put all that money to good use, by attracting top talent - students and professors - growing bigger, finding their niche in the landscape of the American higher education. I’d say - check back in 20 years :wink:

For general perspective, the New York Times covered Soka’s nascency:

They don’t have a Physics major.
Seconding the rest of this thread.

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This is just some marketing stuff, please don’t mislead the OP. Plus, it’s from 2001… cmn

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lol I didn’t applied as I wanted to do major in Physics but they don’t offer that.

Also, I told the mods to lock this thread as I don’t think it is relevant now as I’ve not applied so …

The referenced quotation represents a perspective from the New York Times, and reflects the impressions of its journalist. It was intended, along with the link to the article, for those with a sincere interest in how Soka’s beginnings were covered in the national press.

You said it was for “general prospective”, a reflection from a nytimes jounalist certainly doesn’t reflect a “general” prospective. The better word’s you could use is “From a nytimes journalist’s perspective”. His/Her observation doesn’t necessarily resonate with the genral public’s opinion, especially it was written at the time when the college just founded not so long ago.

I’d say it doesn’t reflect a prospective of any type.

It does reflect his/her perspective, it’s either a subjective one that based on his/her observations or a purely objective report that consists of facts.

I’m not sure the reason why this thread was bumped simply to debate. Move the conversation forward please.

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