Should I apply to Tufts EDII

Hi. I am an international high school senior student enrolled in the IB.

I applied to UPenn ED for a major in Economics.
My IB Prediction is a 40/45 with 6,6,7 in my HL’s and 5,6,7 in my SL’s.
So that is the score I sent to UPenn and NO SAT/ACT.
I have a really strong CV/Profile and my interview went great.

My term 3 ib grade is much higher than my prediction: 7,7,6 in my HL’s and 7,7,6 in my SL’S. So, this will show improvement in my Regulars if I get deferred/ rejected from Penn.

Tufts is my second choice dream school.

Do you think I should apply there EDII, will that boost my chances to get in?

Have you found out about UPenn yet?

–You did not get into Penn
–You would be thrilled to attend Tufts (it is your clear cut next choice)
–AND Tufts appears affordable and your family has no need to compare financial offers between schools

Then I’d go for it. I don’t know about Tufts in particular but in general ED does increase your chance of admission since you are guaranteeing you will attend (if affordable.)