Should I apply to Weber Honors College?

Admitted early, email recommended that I should apply. My CSU GPA is right around the avg of the admitted students so I think I could probably get in. Idk for sure though.

Middle class, high income, probably not going to get much need-based aid even though my parents are NOT paying for my college at all, looking to save $

I did some research and responses were super mixed-- many people said it wasn’t worth it and dropped out, while others said they liked the classes and stuff

I want a solid academic experience, but I do not want to go more broke than I already am. If it’s just living in a cushier dorm and getting an advisor, then I don’t really want that. I’ll consider paying more if the academics and opportunities are worth it, but I don’t want to pay more to take classes I’m not interested in. Those in Weber, how was your experience and/or the experience of others? If you chose to drop out or stay, what were your reasons? How does it compare to the main university, esp cost-wise? Thanks

The Honors college is not an additional expense vs. non-Honors college in regards to Housing or tuition.

You have the option of living with the other Honors college students or not.

Even if you apply, you are not obligated to accept the offer so if you are not sure, then I suggest you apply and make your decision in March when the Honor’s college decisions are released.

There are some scholarships only available for Honor’s college students, so if you are interested in lowering your college costs, this is a good reason to apply. Being High income, you should not expect any need-based aid from SDSU or any other Cal state.

I cannot give you any first hand experiences since my son opted not to apply, but I am sure there are CC posters that can relay their experiences.

WHC is really competitive. A lot of high stats students are denied admission into WHC each year. There are about 2,300 applications submitted; 300 freshmen are accepted and a few sophomores/juniors/seniors.

If the WHC freshmen return to Zura in 21-22, their dorm is not cushier. It’s really nice and was completely renovated just a few years ago, but the core of the building was still built in the late 60s. It doesn’t look the same as it did 10 years ago, and $54 million was put into the renovations, but it is still a dorm with doubles, triples, and quads and communal hall bathrooms. The dorm they are in during the pandemic is really nice though and was just built a few years ago (but it is on a major city street next to public transit stops while Zura is in a less traveled area).

Like @Gumbymom wrote, there aren’t any additional expenses for WHC students (except for the mandatory study abroad - which can be a real quick week or two experience or a full semester - my kid went on a 4 or 5 week summer study abroad).

For my kid, it was worth it (and he paid for his whole undergrad on his own with scholarships, grants, and working in the dorms). The academic mentor who lived on each floor was a huge plus and her work with him freshman year was instrumental in helping him graduate with a STEM major/WHC minor in four years. WHC helped open a lot of doors for him on campus from work to organizations and societies. He felt as a STEM major that the curriculum made him a better well-rounded scholar (he has a heart for humanities). He was also introduced to WHC professors who offered to help him post graduation. The WHC friendships he made during that first year in the dorms are still his closest friends today.

The biggest plus for him though was probably the director, Dr. Sinclair, and her staff. He’s a big city kid, but the large urban public university campus can be isolating/lonely for students. Dr. Sinclair and her staff had an open door policy and were always welcoming and very helpful with advice and guidance. They hosted events that brought the cohort together and gave them opportunities for volunteering and making a difference on campus.

The toughest part for students is juggling the WHC classes with their major’s required courses. For engineering/STEM majors, it’s very difficult and can be overwhelming for the students and isn’t worth it if it will cause stress, etc.

But all WHC students are overachievers and they will do well in college whether or not they are in WHC but it did make my kid’s undergrad experience a lot more fun and memorable.

Just remembered that there is an expense (other than study abroad) if you’re local (from San Diego County). If you’re a local student, prior to the pandemic all WHC freshmen lived in the dorms. Covid changed that requirement and, as I type this, SDSU has not made any decisions about housing requirements for the 2021-22 school year.

When do acceptances to the honors college get released?

@wandb11: Decisions usually come out in March.