Should I apply?

<p>I just found out about what the Gates Scholarship was a couple of days ago and the deadline is on January 16th... do you think I should apply for it even though I still need to get a teacher to recommend me and another teacher to nominate me who have to write like 5 short essays?</p>

<p>Doable, but not easy. Applying for this scholarship took a lot of time, and the nominator and recommender contributions are much more than just a letter, they have to respond to and speak about certain attributes. There were also 8 to 9 essays on specific topics that (in my opinion) required some thought. You can enter and leave the application as much as you want, so it doesn’t hurt to begin one and work towards completion. (Also, copy and save your essays, you never know when you can use them again)</p>

<p>I think you teachers would be really annoyed if you asked them for recommendations at this point. I asked my teachers a few months ago and have been working on these essays forever and haven’t even finished because of time issues. I’m not saying you shouldn’t though. This is your future (and a lot of $$) so try your best! Good luck!</p>

<p>Get your mind straight , apply only then</p>