Should I apply?

Hello everyone! I need some opinions on what I am thinking of doing. I’m in a mess trying to think of my next move in life and would like some feedback.

I graduated June of 2019, and didn’t go straight into school. I took fall quarter off and worked a bit saving up some money. However I knew school was something that I wanted to continue on with so I enrolled in community college.

I was the person who wasn’t really motivated in high school. I knew I could have pushed myself more but never did. My freshman and sophomore year I didn’t really get the best grades in school because… it didn’t matter to me. But in my junior and senior year is when I started finding my passion for earning good grades and pushing myself to achieve more. I ended up getting a 2.7 GPA which I know isn’t the best.

I want to move to Arizona in the summer and attend ASU in the fall. My plan is to finish up winter quarter and spring quarter, perhaps taking summer classes too at my community college, then transferring to ASU. I know usually transfers complete their two years at community college before transferring, but community college isn’t sitting right with me. I want that real college experience with people my age and what not. (considering my whole class now is full with adults… no harm in that but I’d like more of a social life too.)

But what I’m trying to ask, is it possible? Is it possible for me to transfer this soon? I really want to try applying as a transfer student and attending ASU.

Thanks everyone for your input!

You might ask this on the ASU forum, as I’m not sure what the residency requirements are. Some states/schools require you to live in state for a certain period of time before you can be eligible for in-state tuition. Since you will be a transfer, start looking at transfer scholarship opportunities as well.

It’s not a bad idea at all! Good luck to you!